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AC , AIRCRAFT ELECTRICAL WIRING. INTERCONNECTION SYSTEMS TRAINING PROGRAM. Commenter. Comment. Requested Change. Disposition. FAA AC LESSON EWIS Incidents. In this lesson, we cover: • EWIS. • TWA Flight Incident. • Lufthansa Cargo Incident. LESSON EWIS. The guidance used to identify and meet these training needs is contained in FAA Advisory Circular (AC) This course addresses EWIS compliance.

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This advisory circular More information. Industrial Electrical Safety Inspections Presented by: Bleed air and hot areas h.

Powerplant Certificates of Achievement:. Assembly and strain relief 4.

Hands-on Equipment and Teaching Aids Normal classroom lecture can be used for the majority of this training. General Operating and Flight Rules.

Adoption of the recommendations in this AC will result in a training program that will improve the awareness and skill level of aviation personnel in electrical wiring interconnection systems production, modification, maintenance, inspection, and repair. Preventative maintenance procedures 7.

Examples of assessment means or achievement criteria are written tests, oral tests, or demonstration of skills.

Engine and auxiliary power unit APU oils c. Assembly and strain relief 2. Electrical bonding and grounds a. Insulation qualities and damage limits X X Chapter cross-reference index X X Terminal lug ad c. SEMME Installing marine lighting, alarm, detection and monitoring equipment and systems Installing marine lighting, alarm, detection and monitoring equipment and Overview This standard identifies the competences you need to install marine lighting, alarm, detection and monitoring, in accordance More information.


Introduction Renewable fuses are those in which the element, typically a zinc link, More information. This document provides a brief overview of Lectromec s process for addressing the maintenance and. Shielded wire repair d. Start display at page:.

This module does not apply to category B3. Recognizing electrostatic discharge sensitive ESDS equipment and demonstrating standard anti-static procedures so that no damage occurs to that equipment.


Objective At the completion of this module the student is able to demonstrate the following: Standard wiring practices manuals SWPM and wiring diagram manuals should be made available to the class for handson use so that wire identification, inspection, installation, and repair procedures can be fully explored.

This may require more than simply updating maintenance 102-94 and work cards and enhancing training. Replacement of components for circular connectors. Cautions and protections a. Terms used in this AC such as shall or must are used only in the sense of ensuring applicability of this particular method of compliance when the acceptable method of compliance described herein is used.

Equivalence tables standard acc numbers 3. General visual inspection GVI b.


We have provided training for major airlines in Africa such as More information. Knowledge of standard installation practices for wire and wire bundles airplane specific. This advisory circular AC provides one means, but not the only means, of ensuring that the More information.


The standard wiring practices manual should be made available to the class for hands-on use. To make this website work, we log user data 12-94 share it with processors.

Staff View: Aircraft electrical wiring interconnection systems training program

Amendment Docket No. Relevant subject matters for category B3 are defined in module 7B. Typical damage found a. Finding the correct part c. Head of Certification 1200-94 Department Regulatory. Wire type codes alphanumeric b. Airplane external contamination sources a.

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Replacement of components for terminal blocks-modular. General Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems Practices This module lays the groundwork for safe, effective maintenance and repair of airplane ax wiring interconnection systems and removal and replacement of line replaceable units LRUincluding built-in test equipment BITE testing, without damage to the airplane or injury to the student. No fault found data airplane specific e. Knowledge of criteria and standards of inspection and the correct tools to use to ensure inspection procedures and standards are achieved so that all aac will be found.

Sources of electrostatic discharge c. Designed to give users a thorough understanding of language used within a technical environment while assisting in the reduction of potential 120-944 risks caused by the use of incorrect terms in an organisation.