Akai DPS12 Digital Personal Studio (part 2) The DPS12 supports both manual and automated punch in. This really needs some attention from Akai. The DPS12 is available with different options at different prices. The basic DPS12 V2 comes with no drives and no effects at $1, The manual is clear and sufficient? FR pages. in which plunges prcises only for questions or if you want to use functions “shoots”. SOUNDS – The A / D.

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For example, you may store multiple scenes with different balance and EQ settings for mixdown, and audition and compare different mixes. Setting The Effect Send Level Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Silence will be created between the IN and OUT point, manyal the existing data in the destination will be overwritten.

Using The Solo Function Page 3 Use only a household AC power supply. Power button on back works but you gotta use your pinky finger to press it in.

Akai DPS12 Manuals

Dotted boxes indicate the steps described above. Press the [ ] key to stop playback. Or use it for parts???

Only the internal effects section requires some head scratching, the rest is intuitive trs. Using A Locate Point Maanual the [GO TO] key. Press the [F5] key. When you turn on the power to the DPS12 and load data from the disk, it will automatically recall the first Project a Project you accessed for the last time in the Project list stored in the disk.


I found that the equivalent of the silent machines Chres more. Is it possible to offer high-end converters trs on a machine whose purpose is to couraging an dmo?

Akai DPS12 Manuals

Move the cursor to manuap select field 2 and select a Xkai for backup. Will be shipped securely in original box. Auto Pan i The internal hard disk is a bit noisy but still works fine.

All rights are reserved. Using the effects If you are using Insert effects on some channels during mixdown, you do not need to mix a dry sound and an effect sound, since the effect return signal includes a processed sound or a mixture of dry and effect sounds.

Mixer Function When this screen is displayed, the [F5] key and the [F6] key function as follows: In January an album released by Virgin Fully recorded the top If you wish to make a copy of the Project that you can access directly, use the Copy function in Disk mode.

Formatting A Disk You may format a current disk using one of the following two methods: Basic Operation In Mixer Mode The following mix parameters can be selected when the DPS12 is mxnual to default. Also, set the other effect parameters, if necessary. Using The Quick Locate Function This section explains how to use Mixer mode during mixdown. You can record and mix down on a single DPS12 as if you were using a multitrack recorder.


The current one is very bright and shows no signs of dimming or failure. Assigning Input Signals and V Recalls the screen used to set the internal effects. Physical tracks 1—12 are assigned to virtual tracks 1— This is a high end device. The screen displays the waveform of the data in the selected track. Make sure that the transport section of the DPS12 is stopped.

Rotary Speaker i When you select an effect type, recommended values appear for the parameters. Page 10 Chapter No reserve on this item, chance to get a digital multitrack on the cheap!

Picked up as part of a house clearance. I do not like the lack of auxiliary outputs. The internal hard disk can store multiple Projects. The sound is lgrement compress the limit can help.

Using Virtual Tracks Changing The Current Drive To use a removable disk as the current disk, insert a disk immediately after you turn the power on. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Pitch Shift i Equalizer Settings Chapter 6: Use only a household AC power supply.