ALAN LIGHTMAN. EINSTEIN’S DREAMS. Alan Lightman was born in Memphis,. Tennessee, in and educated at. Princeton and at the California Institute. A modern classic, Einstein’s Dreams is a fictional collage of stories dreamed by Albert Einstein in , about time, relativity and physics. As. “Einstein’s Dreams,” by Alan Lightman, strives to be a kind of post-modern hybrid of science writing and fantasy. It stands partly in the tradition.

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Theyhave even convinced themselves thatthin air is good for their bodies and,following that logic, have gone onspare diets, refusing all but the mostgossamer food.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. His two young chil-dren sit on one chair in the corner ofthe room, frightened to look at theirfather, his sunken cheeks, the witheredskin of an old man. Rather, each act is an island in time, tobe judged on its own.

When a per-son comes out of his front door at sun-rise, he hits the ground running,catches up with his office building, hur-ries up and down flights of stairs, worksat a desk propelled in circles, gallopshome at the end of the day. Sequences of events would be just somany random scenes from a thousandnovels.

A strange face inthe mirror, gray at the temples. The large dlero of the Post Bureau opens ddleri, opens and closes. Two friends at a caf, the lamplight il-luminating one friends face, the otherin shadow.


A vegetable cartmoves slowly through a street. That usuallyhappens when Einstein is possessedwith a new project, as he is now, andall through dinner he twitches his legunder the table. The admirals wife says yes but lookspuzzled. Many are convinced that mechanicaltime does not exist. What do their past lightmaan mat-ter?

Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman | : Books

Philosophers sit in cafs onAmthausgasse and argue whether timereally exists outside human perception. If eijstein his clothes, he will stop andpainstakingly brush them off, regardlessof waiting appointments. She waits outside,wringing her hands, while her songrows older quickly in the intimacy ofthis evening, of this ligbtman he has met.

Then, inthree years, he meets another womanin a clothing shop in Neuchtel. A man in along leather coat stands on his fourth-floor balcony on Kramgasse overlook-ing the Zhringer Fountain and thewhite street below.

A. Lightman – Einstein’s Dreams

He seems oblivious ofhis body and the world. No one sitsunder a tree with a book, no one gazesat the ripples on a pond, no one lies inthick grass in the country.

Put the sheet over your head, saysthe other woman. Steam rising from alake in early morning.

The shaft will vibrate too much tobe useful, says Einstein, but the ideais clever. Events have raced by her vis-ion and barely been oightman. Likewise, a person born in July neverfeels a snowflake on her cheek, neversees the crystal on a frozen lake, neverhears the squeak of boots in fresh snow. Where are they now?


Einstein’s Dreams – Wikipedia

Also by Alan Lightman. And a similarclock in the home of her friend, syn-chronized. The baker continues his harangue asif nothing had happened.

When a gay party leaves a restaurant,the tables are more tidy than before. If Klausen issufficiently delayed, he may not buythe ointment for his wife, who has beencomplaining of leg aches for weeks. In actu-ality, Einstein is looking through theAlps, into space. More maddening still, thefaster one travels past a neighbor, thefaster the neighbor appears lightmman betraveling. For alam thisworld, people have no memories. Who can say ifevents happen at all?

The red at sunset. Theirparents let them do what they wish. For yet another, this time project couldbe too big for a twenty-six-year-old.

Einstein’s Dreams

And higher up, the Alps, snow-tipped,blending white and purple, large and si-lent. His certificates ofexcellence in mathematics and historyhang einstrin the walls, his sporting medalsand trophies occupy the bookshelves. The book demonstrates the relationship each human being has to time, and thus spiritually affirms Einstein’s theory of relativity. The sound ofthunder makes a broken vase reform it-self, makes the fractured shards leap upto the precise positions where they fitand bind.