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Everything you need for the musician in you. But, if the onboard reverbs in the Microverb sound like they are made of tin, have aleis decay drop offs, synthetic sounding starts and stops then I will pass on it.

Seems to me that oft times when gear advice is sought, other people are very quick to spend other people’s money. The Microverb is an old design, a lot alsis advances have been made since it was originally released in the early to mid 90’s something like that.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there alwsis hear it, did it make a sound? I don’t really need to lean on this for delay, phasing or anything like that.


Alesis MicroVerb Processor

Is the verdict that I’ve made the right choice here? Hot Deals Used Our brands.

Sign in to disable this ad. If I had to pick, it sounds the best on the vocals, but sometimes I use it on the whole master mix and get some pretty cool post production effects.

Alesis Microverb Iv For Sale For Sale in Dublin 4, Dublin from bluenotes

Trade in your used gear Musicarte can pick up your used gear. However, I don’t want metalic sounding reverbs that don’t sound natural. Log in Become a member. No compalints about noise there. This is a digital effect, but clean and warm none the less. Yes Number of Channels: The MicroVerb IV is designed to provide a wide variety of great-sounding, easy-to-use effects for small studios, engineers and performing musicians. Check Pictures of item for condition.

Main brands we work with: Sorry, haven’t got that kind of income at the moment. I have other Alesis gear and I don’t find any of it noisy. Musicarte is a real shop too, with more than squared meters of exhibition space!

Would you really like to report this review for misconduct? I think you’ll have a lot better sounding reverb by using one of the Lex or TC units. Microgerb alternative or successor products But it works great for drums, guitar, keys, you name it. Immediate decision still during the payment process Flexible — Individual rates and terms Buy price: OK We use Cookies on our website in order to improve service.


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If you dropped a couple Franklins on the Micgoverb or TC models you’d be buying better sounding reverb. Dal primo Midiverb sono stati compiuti ormai dei passi da gigante – Questa nuova versione 4 offre un grande display LCD, un menu chiaro e completo – gestito graficamente per un editing rapido.

To be honest, I’m using this for my live rig and not for recording, so it dosen’t have to be that spectacular. They have a lot of presets already edited to work with certain instruments pretty convenient. It’s also only about four or five inches deep. The Microverb 4 has a bunch of delay, chorus, flange, etc. New 36 months warranty. Activate social media for sharing.