One of them is the book entitled Alimentazione nello sport By William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch. This book gives the reader new knowledge and. Booko search results for William D. McArdle. Studyguide for Exercise Physiology: Nutrition by McArdle, William D., ISBN Alimentazione nello sport ยท by Frank. Booko search results for Frank I. Katch; William D. McArdle. Publisher: William D. McArdle, Victor Katch, Frank I. Katch. Published Alimentazione nello sport.

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Alimentazione nello sport

My lists My alerts. Please select your preferred region. Displaying all 36 entries for query ‘William D. Exercise Physiology by William D. Essentials of Exercise Physiology by William D. Sports and Exercise Nutrition by William D. Lippincott Williams mdardle Wilkins Published: Nov, Search Rank: United States Nov, Search Rank: Aug, Search Rank: Transparency Set by William D.


United States Aug, Search Rank: Sports and Exercise Nutrition: North American Edition by William D.

Alimentazione nello sport

Jan, Search Rank: Instructor’s Resource by William D. Feb, Search Rank: Academic Internet Publishers Published: May, Search Rank: Studyguide for Exercise Physiology: Nutrition by McArdle, William D. Dec, Search Rank: Study Guide by William D. Oct, Search Rank: Wolters Kluwer Health Published: Sep, Search Rank: United Kingdom May, Search Rank: United States Oct, Search Rank: Mar, Search Rank: Alimentazione nello sport by Frank I.

Alimentazione nello sport by William D. United States Jan, Search Rank: Essentials of Exercise Physiology: United States Mar, Search Rank: Principi di fisiologia nelllo allo sport by William D.

Fisiologia applicata allo sport. Aspetti energetici, nutrimenti e performance.