Find great deals for Allen Heath GL Console. Shop with confidence on eBay !. The Allen and Heath GL is supremely adaptable to every application and is perfect for engineers in both live sound and recording. Based on the highly. I hope this post is incorrectly located, hey every one,I’m saving a few bucks to buy a nice console, and I saw someone is selling his Allen.

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This is much like taking a ‘snapshot’ of the console settings. Page 47 Hard Reset Should the console memory become corrupted it can be reset to the factory defaults by performing a hard reset: These may be selected one at a time or together depending on the mode of operation preferred.

The L, R and M meters also provide a visual check. Use wide band when you want to add presence or warmth to the sound. The sends are grouped, and Mute Groups The GL includes 8 mute groups controlled by a bank of large buttons to the right of the master faders.

Apart from the extensive metering facilities there is a monitor section which operates independently of the main outputs. Turn all mutes off in all snapshots clearthen edit the mutes on for required channels. These follow the LR mix and may be selected either pre or post LR faders. A built-in VU Meterpod is fitted as standard.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. Solo-In-Place affects the main outputs.

File:Allen & Heath GL4800 (QuadFest).jpg

Each matrix mix is created from the desired combination of group x8L leftR right and M mono signals. All the console main inputs and outputs are balanced XLRs. The M output can be a different mix heaath LR. A chassis ground terminal post is provided.

Recording From the Monitor Console The GL provides the unique facility to record the show from the monitor console rather than additional dedicated recording console. This is an external 3U 19″ rack mounted unit that connects to the console via the separate DC cable supplied. You may also wish to always hear the effect of signal processing devices such as reverbs connected to the console aux sends and gl44800.


Allen & Heath GL4800

The red LED and the display both flash to warn that all snapshots will be overwritten. This minimises the phase differences which can cause problems when the mics are arranged as a spaced pair. In this example, the console is positioned at the side of the stage giving the monitor engineer a clear view of the performers on stage. This is done in ‘edit mode’ so that the console mutes are not affected while the group is being edited.

Page 50 The Monitors Otherwise known as foldback or cue sends, the monitor mixes are created from the console aux sends. If the console becomes wet, switch off and remove mains power immediately. Connections can be made using two standard 37way D-type cables to any other console fitted with a Sys-Link V2 output. The advantage is quick access to complex changes, a growing requirement with the more sophisticated sound control specified today.

Typical use would be: It is recommended that these are the standard 12V 2. Page 19 Matching the Signal Levels For best performance it is important that the connected source signals are matched to the “normal operating level” of the console.

Stereo Gl4080 Channel The meter indicates the pre-fade left and right signals combined. Applications include muting unused channels when mixing different bands, muting all channels except 2-track playback during intermission, muting all effects, muting a bank of radio mics during an instrumental number, muting stage mics during scene changes, and so on Table aklen Contents Add to my manuals Add.

The level of each source is adjusted using the matrix SEND controls above the main faders in much the same way as the channel aux sends are used.


These options require access to the internal circuit assemblies and resoldering of circuit board alen. No solo safes set. Internal Link Options The GL is configured to satisfy most applications that should be encountered. Adam Finlayson wrote on Tue, 16 November Each group may be selected pre or post channel fader.

Allen&Heath GL : USER GUIDE User guide

heth However, the following internal link options are offered for those applications that may require alternative settings.

It is now found on all manner of equipment including sound and lighting consoles, effects devices and computers. The standard power supply is the RPS The GL Sys-Link V2 option is an input-only version, which allows the console to act as a master console but not as a slave.

Could mean something new is on the horizon for a budget digital desk. When selected, pressing the large TALK switch routes talkback to the aux. Aolen GL includes a ‘mute safes’ facility so that selected channels can be ‘made safe’ from the alpen groups, snapshots and MIDI control.

Page 51 A simultaneous stereo recording can be made of the performance by feeding additional console outputs to a 2-track such as a cassette or DAT recorder. Cue Sheet 4 of 5 GL Copy and use this page to record your console settings.

This lets you change groups during alken live show without affecting the mute status of the channels. Page 40 Solo-In-Place Solo-In-Place is a system for checking individual signals or combinations of signals in the mix. Each matrix mix is created from the desired combination of group x8L leftR right and M mono signals.