This Standard is part of a series for plumbing and drainage, as follows: Water used for mixing concrete and cement mortar shall be free from. A O T F A H O A Australian/New Zealand Standard™ Plumbing and drainage Part 1: Water .. (b) Bends in pipes shall be free from wrinkling and flattening. of Australia and Part 6 of the Plumbers Licensing and Plumbing Standards Regulations The PCA. is now available to download (free of charge ).

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Values were calculated from the values for maximum outside diameter and minium wall thickness as specified in the respective pipe product Standards as follows: Click on the tabs above to move around this guide This guide is to help you find information for your Plumbing course.

Step 4 Draw up a table with the following headings: For isolating valves on home fire sprinkler systems, see AS 21 1 8. The Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland MPAQ is the peak industry body representing plumbing contractors throughout Queensland, from sole operators to medium sized plumbing businesses and large contracting firms.

The test shall be performed on installed piping prior to burial or concealment. Water heights are measured from the pipe invert or erest. The other supply may be a drinking water supply or an alternative water supply.

The actual device selected for each hazard rating shall comply with Table 4. Magna Carta— Tutohinga Nui Sa3500 rawa e hoko ki te tangata, e kore e whakakdihoretia, e tautuku ranei te tangata ki te ture, tika ranei.

Full text of “AS-NZS Plumbing and drainage – Part 1: Water services”

Steel flanges 1. Where the installation includes home fire sprinklers or some other specialist systems, a water service of this size will be inadequate and pipe sizes will need to be determined plumbkng specific hydraulic design. UNIT 12 Pressure drop is 12 m head, so as35500 the 10 m head table. Pipes of other materials shall be buried with a minimum depth of cover of mm, measured from the proposed finished surface level.


Jointing of water services shall be in accordance with the following: All standpipes connected to the water service shall be securely supported by fixing to walls of buildings, or other rigid supports.

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All taps should run dry after a short period of time. In many parts of Australia and New Zealand the maintenance of the property service is the responsibility of the network utility operator. Members can keep on top of employees Leave Entitlements here! Multilayer pipes and ABS pipes are not covered by this Appendix. Where used below ground, the joints shall be — a protected against corrosion with each assembled copper or copper alloy joint protected with a petrolatum-based wrapping system; and b external to a building and not under concrete.

Where an elastomeric seal gasket is normally provided in the line or in a fitting, it shall not be replaced with mastic or sealant compounds. Backflow prevention devices are generally installed at the property boundary and may also be located inside the property.

The commentary directly follows the relevant clause, is designated by ‘C preceding the clause number and is printed in italics in a box.

Each branch pipe within the dwelling is assigned a number of loading units pkumbing on the number and type of fixture outlets it serves. Cement mortar that has been mixed and left standing for more than 1 h shall not be used. For hazard rating of standaeds prevention devices, see Table Fl, Appendix F.


This Standard was published on 15 December Where a tank provides a reservoir of water in case of a fire, the tank shall not be bypassed unless a backflow prevention device appropriate to the cross-connection hazard rating is installed in the bypass piping.

Member Benefits Check out the amazing benefits available to Sgandards members and how you can take advantage of the benefits stabdards offer! The sizes of all pipework to the valve shall be hydraulically calculated. A searchable database to locate and print current Australian Standards.

Hence PSFR is 0. Please address your comments to the Chief Executive of either Standards Australia or Standards New Zealand at the address shown on the back cover.

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For multilayer pipes, and ABS pipes, the equivalent pipe DN shall be selected on the basis of the stadnards diameters specified by the pipe supplier.

If you require a tax receipt, you will need to bring your TAFEcard. Water should not be supplied from two or more water mains unless the water mains are connected to the same distribution zone.

Possible solutions include in-ground installation, or installation in an as350 enclosure see also Clause 5. For an example, see Figure F7, Appendix F, iv be located so that they are not subject to freezing. Solvent cement shall be Type P, green colour, and priming fluid shall be red colour. The tank shall be drained after disinfection and flushed out with drinking water prior to being put back into service.