DESCRIPTION. An Asa Di Vaar Steek by Professor Sahib Singh Ji. Very good to get the basic understanding of Gurbani. Transcript. Asa Di Vaar Steek. by Prof. Kartar Singh (Author) Language: Punjabi Total Download: Share this Book.. DOWNLOADREAD LATERREAD NOW WRITE. Buy Asa Di Vaar Steek Book Online or from our store Singh Brothers. We guarantee you best price. Get Books with Translations and Meanings of Sikh Gurbani.

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This is a great site, does anyone have a contact for the website owner as i would like to post the pdfs on gurmatveechar as well but want to ask the site owner before i do. The address is kam hotmail.

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Asa Di Vaar Steek – Prof. Sahib Singh

Please have a listen below then dk your views. There are a few singhs in canada who post Baba jis videos on youtube as well. Teh books in red have already gone. This is an interesting thread, the problem we have is the view of women in Sikhi.

Thank you for the great links.

People people people i only came onto the site because of this topic. As I always ask, any recordings? There is so much knowledge contained in these on how to live as the ideals of the Lord and become one with the pooran Brahm; Be aware most steeek are 2 – 3 hous long Video http: With a thred running on who Sant Waryam Singh Ji was and his parchar in Sikhi i have decided to put up a number of videos of their divans.


Right seen this some time ago but not had a chence to come on the forum, Sant Fateh Chand were part of the Sewapanthi Samparda where they use a metaphor title to show the continuation vi the samparda. The asz are included that is for the uk, anything abroud will differ as the books will ned to e sent by post or coriur.

Modern day groups have done alot to try and readdress this balance with alot more women coming to the du. I have attached an awesome clip of Katha by Giani Harbhajan Singh Ji Dhudhike Wale about this topic and the changes with teh karah parshad maryada today. I am aware many people have got images of a number of granths but like to keep them hidden away so I thought I would share this one with the sangat.

Asa Ki Vaar (Steek)

I will find the audio katha for you so you can understand the background. I am aware not many people look at the Gurmatveechar thread that is running thus I have created this seperate thread.

Everything posted by kam Prev 1 2 3 4 aaa 6 7 8 Next Page 3 of There are three of Baba Jis Kathas on Gurmatveechar. Thanks Singh, if it is the normal taksali singhs from Brum or Leeds doing the recordings then they will never see the light of day.

Asa Di Vaar Steek

The Gurmukh who was doing this though I ended up stee, via email so I will try to apologise for my mistakes and hopefully get this done again. Ok people here are the complete lists of books i have for sale so far. Important Information Terms of Use. The list of the videos are below.

I have not read al the threads but will write the following: I was fortunate enough ada find an old video syeek the Shaheed Akal Takhat Jathedar giving gurbani updesh.


I was hoping to get this book turned into an audiobook. Please takea a look and if you are interested contact me via email.

Karah Parshad history and the Shortening of Rehraas. On a personal view i agree with the views of osingh, only Keertan should be done at Sri Darbar Sahib as is done to the stee. The divan is incomplete but still it is worth listening to The video link is here http: In the old sampardas esp the sewapanthis and udasis no females are taken as students and taught any vidiya and for nihangs it is similar.

If anyone has any more I would be interested to hear them. The Hinali Janam sakhi can be found in archives and old libraries that keep manuscripts, I do not believe they are aa existance today, the lateer Hindalis took amrit and became part of the Panth.

Asa Di Vaar Steek – Prof. Sahib Singh – Khalsa Library

The Sants are found in the Nirmala deras mostly. Out of the Puratan Sampardas you will never get a female Sant in the Nihangs, Sewapanthis or Udasis because of their view towards women and Maya. Please note- The Katha is awesome!!!!!!! The video setek audio have been put onto GurmatVeechar.