ASME B40.100 PDF

Must be ASME B compliant. 9. The manufacturer is to provide a 5 year product warranty. Pressure gauges to be Winters P3S Series or approved. Buy ASME B Pressure Gauges and Gauge Attachments (B – ) from SAI Global. Buy ASME B (R) PRESSURE GAUGES AND GAUGE ATTACHMENTS from SAI Global.

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The gauge shall then be checked for accuracy at this temperature, in accordance with para.

Pressure Gauge ASME B

A resonance may occur in an internal part of the gauge, with no outward manifestation. Receiver gauge dials shall indicate the input pressure range of the gauge. This test must be conducted on each fill fluid. International Nickel Company, Inc. Thank you for helping keep Eng-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts. Removal of the connection between the mid-housing and the lower housing permits access to the process side of the diaphragm without loss of the seal between the upper housing and the diaphragm.

The use of multipliers, such as? If a diaphragm capsule is used, a b4.0100 may not be required [see Fig. 4b0.100

The fill fluid should not support bacteriological growth or react with the materials of the diaphragm seal or the instrument. The recommended graduated scale arc is deg.

ASME B40.100-2005 Pressure Gauges and Gauge Attachments

An instrument may be filled by attaching it to a manifold and applying vacuum to the connection until all air is removed. This capillary may be enclosed in a protective armor.

In addition, the exposure of the fill fluid to the medium and surrounding area could cause a hazardous condition. B440.100 pressure at which the pressure element assembly will no longer hold pressure is the rupture pressure.

A wide variety of mechanical and electronic standards may be used to test gauges. International Organization for Standardiza?


Placing a snubber restrictor in the pressure gauge inlet will not reduce the immediate effect of failure, but will help control flow of escaping fluid following rupture and reduce the potential of secondary effects. It is the difference at each test point between increasing pressure and decreasing pressure readings taken after tapping, at the same test point, approached from both increasing and decreasing pressure directions; in a single pressure cycle, expressed in percentage of span.

The g40.100 described within this section are generalized for use as guidelines.

A Pressure Gauge meets EN and ASME B standards.

The volumetric displacement and volumetric spring rate of the diaphragm must be adequate to actuate the sensing mechanism of the instrument. The user should become familiar with all sections of this Standard, as all aspects of safety cannot be covered in this section.

ASME does not take any position with respect to the validity of any patent rights asserted in connection with any items mentioned in this document, and does not undertake to insure anyone utilizing b40.010 standard against liability for infringement of any applicable letters patent, nor assumes any such liability. Neither ASME nor the B40 Committee assumes responsibility for the effects of observance or nonobservance of recommendations made herein. It should not be assumed that every test or safety procedure or method, precaution, equipment, or device is contained in this Appendix, or that abnormal or unusual circumstances may not warrant suggesting ssme requirements or additional procedures.

The option for the pressure gauge 4b0.100 containing a liquid fill and the cleanliness is designated by the two symbols as provided below. DO NOT exchange gauges from one regulator to another. The purchaser reserves the right to perform any of the inspections set forth in the aasme where such inspections are deemed necessary b40.010 ensure supplies and services conform to prescribed requirements. The hydraulic effect due to pressure element failure could cause the window to be projected forward even when a case having a solid front is employed.


Such failures are usually more critical with compressed gas media than with liquid media.

This Appendix is intended to provide an outline of the parameters used when evaluating new gauge performance and b40.1100 suggest evaluation outlines. The pressure instrument is attached directly to the diaphragm seal. The first symbol designates the type of connection fitting. For example, moving an oil service gauge to oxygen services can result in explosive failure. Diaphragm capsule elements may have one or more capsules to provide appropriate displacement see Fig. Wetted parts include any part that comes aasme contact with the measured fluid, e.

Customary Unit X atmosphere standard bar [Note 2 ] in. Maximum allowable pressures for all materials decrease as temperatures increase. This is characterized by gradual loss of accuracy, and, ultimately failure of the pointer to indicate asmf pressure change.

ASME B40.100

Threaded and flanged lower housings may be provided with a flushing connection, permitting the user to purge the area below the diaphragm without removing the seal from the process line. Dials with a scale graduated in nonpressure units, or a scale range different from the range of the pressure element assembly, shall ase indicate the maximum pressure that may be applied to the gauge without loss of calibration. These gauges indicate in terms of absolute pressure, but will be in error by the difference between the ambient pressure and The consequences of incompatibility can range from contamination to explosive failure.

This housing is exposed to the medium and the material must be compatible with the medium. The supplier should be consulted for assistance if required. Accuracy error includes hysteresis and repeatability errors, but not friction error.