Welcome to Bibbulmun Track Map & GPS, where you’ll find a full online Google map of the track, plus a downloadable GPX file. I don’t know why, but trying to. Western Australia boasts one of the longest walking trails in the world. The Bibbulmun Track stretches 1, km from Kalamunda in Perth to. Map 1 – Darling Range – Kalamunda to North Bannister, January Map 2 – Dwellingup – North Bannister to Harvey-Quindanning.

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The halfway point of the Track offers stunning views traack the Blackwood and Donnelly Rivers, bubbling brooks, swimming at the Mt Jones dam, kangaroos and emus at Donnelly River Village, rail formations and the Greenbushes tin mine.

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Views Read Edit View history. It traverses the Darling Range and has inspired reflections about the state of the Western Australian environment by William J.

Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 6 December Bibbulmun Track Map 3: Bibbulmun Track Map 1: The km stretch is the most remote of the Track with walkers not seeing signs of civilisation for much of the eight bibgulmun.

Hardy walkers who walk the track from beginning to end typically do so in 6 to 8 weeks, although it has been completed in under 12 days.

At bibbulkun end of each section is either a town or a purpose-built campsite. Leave No Trace Australia. The km stretch has more challenging walks through magnificent karri and tingle forest near Walpole and the Valley of the Giants.


Parks and Wildlife Service. It is designed to be used as a companion to the completely revised Guidebooks or as helpful planning information before you head out.

Walking the Bibbulmun Track Maps and Guidebooks

Also shown, in yellow, is the Munda Biddi Trail. Retrieved 12 October It has a parallel long distance cycling trail — known as the Munda Biddi Trail — that opened all the way to Albany in April Bibbulmun Track Map 6: In summer the weather can be very hot and water will be hard to find except in the water tanks at the campsites.

Accommodation and Services Guide. Bibbulmun Track Map 5: Click Edit to Add Condition. Style Binbulmun One Way Return.

Bibbulmun Track – Dwellingup Section | Dwellingup WA

After your walk, be sure to leave a review of the maps and guides on our site. You must log in to post a comment. The Bibbulmun Track is almost all through state forest, national parks and other reserves, with only a few small sections of farmland. Many of the Track Towns are accessible by public transport. The pleasant walk conditions of this 55 km stretch include the famous Gloucester Tree with its metre climb to the top. The Bibbulmun Track Handbook contains general Track information, planning, safety, history and more.


Languages Deutsch Nederlands Edit links. The first leg is km from Kalamunda to Dwellingup. Those that walk every step of the way can be registered bjbbulmun end-to-enders. Search Near Me More Options. When walking on the Bibbulmun Track, walkers are encouraged to follow the seven “leave no trace” principles: The track was suggested in One of traxk shorter sections of the Track, this is 60 km of beautiful jarrah, marri and karri forest country.

The Bibbulmun Track Guidebook 5 — Pemberton. The Bibbulmun Track is a long-distance walk trail in Western Australia. It runs from Kalamunda in the east of Perth to Albanyand is 1, Site by Invisage Creative Services.

The northern half of the Track is home to large jarrah, marri and wandoo forests only found in this part of Western Australia, while the southern half features ancient karri and tingle forests opening onto the Southern Ocean for spectacular coastal walking where whales can be sighted between June and October.

For more information about the Nyoongar culture please see the various Along the Track pages and visit Nyoongar Knowledge.

Southwestern Western AustraliaAustralia. Home Bibbulmun Track km.