Ecwid is a perfect shopping cart for Bluevoda Website Builder. To add Ecwid to BlueVoda website, please follow the steps below. How to. bluevoda website builder (TUTORIAL:How to Add FlashCLICK HERE for Video TutorialHer). BlueVoda is an offline website builder offered by VodaHost web lets you create new pages and add various elements and widgets simply by.

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You can add Java you shouldn’t confuse this with Javascript! It will report these errors if found 5. Click Add to add images to the lightbox.

Now that you’ve given some serious thought to how you want your web site to look and what you wantto include in it, you need to decide on a name for it.

how to insert html code or javascript in web page maker 3 1

You can also double-click a form element to edit its properties. You can now select and edit each menu button individually click on the button you would like to editand click [Edit What BlueVoda Includes 4. You may also want to change the default maximum filesize, from 1 Mb Kb to a lower or highernumber.

An inline frame iframe is basically a self contained floating frame that has its own scroll-bar for its owncontent. Naming Pages in BlueVoda Hit the [ OK ] button when you are done editing your preferences to return to the workspace.


You can go ahead and add your HTML code here or alternatively, you can import code by importing anentire file. To print the current page, simply click the Print icon in the toolbar to open the Print dialogue box. The Logo Properties window opens.

how to insert iframe in web page maker 3 1

Note that the only way you can see what this will look like on the site is either by previewing it or bypublishing it and viewing the site online. To see what your Go Menu will look like, click the Page Preview button.

That’s it; you’re now able bluevora use the logomaker inBlueVoda.

You can also configure the font styles for the variouscomponents of the guest-book Click Here to create your VodaHost Account. This will return you to the work-space and you will see that the page you selected has been importedonto your work-space.

how to insert iframe in web page maker 3 1

Doing so will open the Form Propertiesdialog window. Please momentarily disable any firewalls that you have on your computer or add BlueVoda to your safe programs list. View in Fullscreen Report. Make it colorful, make it funky, and make it jump off thepage but always keep it simple and absolutely keep it unique. You can also set default colors for your hyperlinks.

Let’s go ahead and click on the movie button. Always visit your bluevkda web site to see how they have organized their site, so youcan make yours better, whether it is just including more information about your product, or simplyimproving the design of your site.


Please follow the below steps to create your website’s Sitemap. The BlueVoda website builder is brought to you by: You are now able to edit a form.

Further, always link back to your homepage in order to makenavigating your web page easier for your potential customers.

The BlueVoda Logo Maker is designed to furnish your website with a professional logo quickly andeasily. You can now start to add additional page content on top of this background design. Image EffectsColors Colorize Colorize your image Negative Invert all the colors of your image and give your image a negative effect Grayscale Make your image Grayscale Sepia Add a Sepia effect to your image Gold Add a warm gold effect to your image Ice Add a cool ice effect to your image Metallic Add a silver metallic effect to your imageConvolve Blur Blur your image Sharpen Sharpen the focus of your image Soften Soften the focus of your image The BlueVoda website builder is brought to you by: Alternatively, you can add Javascript.

Creating a Go Menu in BlueVoda Locking and Unlocking Objects in BlueVoda If you do not see your IP address in the drop down menu, please upgrade to the latest version of BlueVoda.