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For me it is a very special moment because there are doubts and questions to mothers. Data collection Data collection was carried out in two stages: Women need health interacionismo to be close and understanding, especially nurses 8. Triggering labor does not concern only one factor, but rather it is a multi-causal event.

Thus, everything they have heard from their mothers, relatives, communication media, etc was important to form this meaning. It is filled with sensations and emotions resulting from their interactions with reality so that the meaning students give to labor is a dynamic and progressive phenomenon resulting from learning and from the context experienced.

Education and training of nurses on all aspects of the labor process promote quality care to women in labor. During labor and child birth, associated anxiety and fear give dimension to pain.

With the coming of Obstetrics formally in the academy, in the middle of the 19th century, empirical care provided by women lost its space 2. Students, however, experience a paradox regarding their interest to know.

The origin of Symbolic Interactionism is derived from Pragmatism, it started in the United States and England in the end of the 19th century.

Thus, we have considered that: This is unpredictable and, therefore, it may make laboring women feel anxious, insecure and frightened Therefore, both can be anxious, which can be constructive or destructive for satisfactory development of labor Furthermore, interviews were used to complement the understanding of the data obtained through observation.


Therefore, it is important to have a harmonic contact with informants Support and care are part of the routine of nursing students. Labor is a natural and physiologic process although it is frequently associated with a time of deep concern for those experiencing it, and for those around them, as it is considered a difficult and painful time. The importance of this technique is in the fact that it can capture several situations or phenomena that cannot be obtained with questions and answers.

The student directly observed through the reality talked about what was most unpredictable and evasive in real life This is many times directly related to pain, suffering, and anguish.

This proposal aimed at integral health care establishing levels for referral and counter-referral 4. Also because they want to see the baby’s face, to see who it looks like. Regardless of the physiologic process, the way women and relatives face labor is related with the way they were socialized with the labor process Before they took the discipline, most these students 18 had already heard of labor and child birth, especially on TV documentaries and filmsthrough stories of mothers and friends that had undergone labor which were the most important source to know about the issue.

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization 7in normal birth there must be a valid reason to intervene in the natural process.

George Herbert Mead

To ensure informants’ anonymity, we have used fictitious names. Significado del trabajo de parto: Twenty nursing students with ages ranging from 21 to 26 years old took part in the study, 18 were females. Through the convergence of symbols of labor and child birth for nursing students, it is clear that feelings, behaviors, and attitudes regarding labor and child birth have to do with pain, anguish, fear and anxiety, so that the meaning built by students is that supporting women in labor and child birth is to witness the physical and emotional pain experienced by laboring women.


I understand that it is a intercacionismo, physiological process and that it will happen if there are one thousand people or not. At the same time they want to witness child birth, which is the miracle of life, they are not interested in observing simholico phenomenon that occurs to women during labor, which is a unique moment that is as significant as delivery. The nature of labor pain.

The interview is not only a data collection technique, but rather a social interaction between two people, the interviewer and the interviewee, to obtain information In this inferaccionismo, learning interaccionismi should be established so that humanized and holistic care meets the needs of patients. Students interacting with women in labor, which means emotional and physical pain, reflect and conclude that they can support women in the whole process of parturition, despite the pain women feel in the dilation period and that they feel they are unable to act in response to laboring women’s physical and emotional interacconismo.

O cuidado em enfermagem materna. A difficult and painful time that will make women cry, feel pain, and we may have different reactions NICE. It is very painful, very distressful for patients; they cry a lot, simboluco, get restless and cannot relax SUZY.

Am J Obstet Gynecol.

Pepe Prado | (Benemérita) Universidad Autónoma de Puebla –

Normas de pesquisa envolvendo seres humanos – Res. Metodologias qualitativas na sociologia.

Based on the statements of informants, we learned about the meaning of labor and child birth to students, and we realized their concern is directly related to child birth even though they have to support labor.