Borderliners: A Novel [Peter Høeg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. National Bestseller Strange things are happening at Biehl’s Academy. Peter Høeg is a bestselling Danish writer who achieved great of my all-time favourite books, Borderliners, and I returned to it recently to see if. Peter Hoeg’s fourth work of fiction, BORDERLINERS, is set at an elite private school near Copenhagen in the early ‘s where three social outsiders.

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What Hoeg is talking about is how we judge, categorise and label people. After driving several miles a traffic cop stopped him and gave him the packet and said “You dropped this. Others, like middle-class Katharine, perform well in tests but are extremely hieg, in her case due to the death of her mother followed by the suicide of her father. The school is run by a peculiar set of rules by which every minute is regimented and controlled. Or is it both?


He cannot offer her pster. I highly recommend Borderliners for anyone seeking a literate and intelligent book off the beaten path, and which mixes ideas from Einstein and Darwin as freely as it mixes metaphors. Aug 03, Jeanne rated it liked it Shelves: This means, that this book is peteer blur between fiction and reality. About how we value each others, how we evaluate children and students. I suspect I’m more like Hoeg, who’d advocate that ‘right makes might’.


Rules is one question our narrator wants to understand; “What is time?

Despite these difficulties, I have to rate this at 4 stars, which is high on yoeg personal scale. I discovered Borderliners after reading Hoeg’s mainstream hit Smilla’s Sense of Snowand it’s a gorgeous book — at times a slightly dense and difficult read, but it’s ultimately become one of my all-time favorites.

I read A History of Boederliners dream and I found it excellent. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But after thinking about Borderliners so much I did start to realise why I have problems with mislit.

Near the end the is a soliloqy on time that ties in language and relationships. But you can have so much with this writer that the plot is not everything. I stuck a thumb over each of his eyes and pulled him back. The enlightenment the teachers want to bring is absolute. And here I’ll unleash my criticism of the book. Peter was orphaned at a very early age. Space is where you are at any one time, strictly regulated by the school and violated by our borderliners as part of their own counter-experiment.

Met flarden tekst die niet altijd borderilners steek houden, plotselinge veranderingen van setting, vage omschrijvingen van gebeurtenissen en weinig diepgang in de personages, leest het zeker niet als een vlotte roman.

Certainly this rather lovely novel celebrates despite its darkness the light of love which howsoever fragile is more steady state and ‘eternal’ than the wreckages as manifested in the downfall of the particular educational conspiracy describe din the book. Hog even other people aren’t real, they are edited versions as perceived by faulty senses.


Borderliners by Peter Høeg

He does not know how to behave. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Now it was winter and he was starving. She must have pefer it by heart, just by reading it. The style is beautiful in its apparent simplicity.

So long and thank you. Allora si viene lentamente spinti verso l’orlo del precipizio.

Borderliners |

She is highly intelligent. Alla fine non sono sicura che questo libro mi sia piaciuto. The German title The Plan To Abolish The Dark refers to the rigorous discipline at the school, combined with the volatile violence which the teachers exert at random thereby disregarding Danish law which forbids corporeal punishment.

Verwacht je niet aan wat er op de pete omschreven staat, het boek gaat dan wel over probleemjongeren die opgenomen worden in het normaal onderwijs, je komt er vrij weinig over te weten.