Welcome to ‘Brad Mehldau, the transcriptions page, part 2′. Below is a collection of 20 files, containing leadsheets and transcriptions of. I fed the app a 30 second clip of brad mehldau’s playing on Monk’s I didn’t adjust any notation, this is literally the transcription I got from the. Transcriptions. Bill Evans. All the Things You Are · Beautiful Love · Displacement. Brad Mehldau. Round Midnight Intro · Might As Well Be Spring.

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Learn 10 Brad Mehldau Jazz Piano Lines On Guitar

Examples include both a video time and transcription bar reference. Chord symbols indicate to the standard song form throughout. Adaptation of pianistic performance for the guitar generally involves reduced chord voicings.

Be sure to examine each in the context of the main transcriptionwhich contains a range of additional chord types. The extract closes with a series of double stops bluewhich we will see engaged as a halfway house between melody and harmony throughout examples to follow. Even 8th notes in the context of a swing rhythm section feel green create subtle rhythmic tension.


This technique, previously discussed in relation to Adam Rogersis referenced again at Example 8. Switching harmony to the lower voice, Mehldau interjects a transcrlption of propulsive voicings between a rising melodic motif green.

Again such use of double stops is fairly unconventional in the context of guitar performance but absolutely realistic with appropriate arrangement and practice.

Although initial harmonies mshldau viable as single guitar chord shapes, the section progresses to include a variety of unusual slide and hammer-on solutions green and red.

Brad Mehldau | Jazz Transcriptions

A short passage of motivic development featuring organic variation upon a well defined and thus memorable original phrase grey. Mehldau features such development throughout the main transcription so be sure to download and study in context.

A further illustration of even tganscription notes in the context of swing feel accompaniment, as introduced at Example 3. Example 9 combines 3 triplet phrases grey separated by supporting chords blueas per Example 7. Phrase 1 begins with an implied Db7 structure before resolving via a Blues-tingled E Mixolydian line to A major 7.


Phrase 2 references the arpeggio structure employed at the outset of Phrase 1, continuing the idea across a wider range. Mehldau cites a further recurring rhythmic effect, creating tension with slight hesitation before resolving to D major. bard

Phrase 3 takes the form of a snaking, often chromatic minor II-V-I descent. Beginning with a clear minor II-V-I greyMehldau moves to a strong polyrhythmic motif at line transcriptiion blueimplying groupings of 2 over the established triplet subdivision.

Brad Mehldau – ‘Ron’s Place’

The 3 iterations of this idea see it contract, extend and modulate to imply G major, D minor and G minor. Back to Lesson Archive. Sign up to the newsletter: