Find official Brother FAXE FAQs, videos, manuals, drivers and downloads here. Get the IntelliFaxe Printers, AIOs, & Fax Machines; Fax Machines. on your fax machine or see your Owner’s Manual. If you cannot solve a problem: See to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on. Brother World Wide Web;. Manuals and User Guides for Brother Faxe. We have 3 Brother Faxe manuals available for free PDF download: Owner’s Manual, User Manual, Quick .

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Calls must be made from within that country. Register your productBy registering your product with Brother International Corporation, you will berecorded as the original owner of the product. Brother fax back system USA only Brother has installed an easy-to-use fax back system, so you can get instantanswers to common technical questions and product information for all Brotherproducts. This system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you are ready to learn detailed information about theseoperations, read the complete Owner’s Manual that is included on the CD-ROM.

The following screen will appear: I To access our web site www. Always Send Cover Page This machine has been designed to be simple to use, with LCD screen promptsto guide you through programming your machine.

However, you can use yourmachine to its fullest potential by taking a few minutes to read this manual.

Additionally, your machine has a Reports Key. Press Reports, 1 to print alist of basic step instructions and explanations.

This will verify that your machine is properlyinstalled. To receive a response, you must set up your Station ID.

When this document is received, a confirmation sheet and Product Registrationform will be sent back to your machine. You will beable to print until the indicator stays on. MenuLets you access the Menu andProgramming mode. A Fax StartStarts an operation, such as sending afax.

If you have Voice Mail on the phone line on which you will install your new faxmachine, there is a strong possibility that Voice Mail and the fax machine willconflict with each other while receiving incoming calls.

Fax Tones and HandshakeWhen someone is sending a fax, the machine sends fax calling tones CNGtones —soft, intermittent beeps at 4-second intervals.

Each time you use automatic procedures to send a fax, youare sending CNG tones over the phone line. Choosing a LocationPlace your machine on a flat, stable surface, such as a desk.

Select a place thatis free of vibration and shocks. Locate the machine near a telephone jack and astandard, grounded power outlet. Avoid placing your machine in a high-traffic area. Do not place near heaters,air conditioners, water, chemicals or refrigerators. Do not expose the machineto direct sunlight, excessive heat, moisture or dust. Make sure nothing blocksthe flow of air from the fan on the sides of the machine.

Brother FAX-4100e All in One Printer User Manual

AssemblyInstalling the Drum Unit Assembly with Toner Cartridge 1 Unpack the drum unit assembly,including the toner cartridge, andgently bother it from side to side five mahual times to distribute the toner evenlyinside the cartridge. To broyher damage to the drum, do not expose it to light for longerthan manuap few minutes.


Unfold theextension, whichholds documentsin place. To select which cassette will be used for printing, see Setting Cassette Usage,Page If you move the machine after connecting Cassette 2, be sure to carefully liftCassette 2 with the machine because they are not attached.

Manual Feed SlotUse the manual feed slot to print or copy on envelopes, labels,transparencies, card stock or thicker paper: The manual feed slot is above the paper cassette.

If you use legal or A4, change the Paper Size setting: Loading Paper in Paper Cassette1Pull the paper cassette completely out of the machine. Load paperin the paper cassette. Pressdown on the paper to flatten itin all four corners, keeping thepaper level below the guide.

ConnectionsConnecting the MachineConnect the handset, power cord, and telephone line. Connect one end of the telephone line cord to the jack labeled LINE on the leftside of the machine. Connect the other end to a modular wall jack. Connecting an External TelephoneYour machine is equipped with a handset that you can use as a regular phone.

However, you can also connect a separate telephone or telephone answeringdevice directly 410e your machine. Do not connect a TAD elsewhere on the same phone line. Special Line ConsiderationsRoll Over Phone LinesA roll over phone system is a group of two or more separate telephone lines thatpass incoming calls to each other if they manyal busy.

Your machine can work in a roll over system as long as it is the last number inthe sequence, so the call cannot roll away.

Brother FAXE Support

The most common connection is to put themachine on Line 2, which is our assumption in the following steps. The back ofthe two-line TAD must have two telephone jacks: While it is often relatively simpleto connect the machine to a key system or a PBX Private Branch Exchange ,we suggest that you contact the company that installed your telephone systemand ask them to connect the machine for you.

It is advisable to have a separateline for the machine. You can then leave the machine in FAX mode to receivefaxes any time of day or night. User-friendly programming helps you take full advantage of all the menuselections your machine has to offer. Since your fax programming is done on the LCD, we created step-by-step onscreen prompts to help you program your machine. All you need to do is followthe prompts as they guide you through the menu selections and programmingoptions.

Press 1 for General Setup—OR—1. LANYou can scroll more quickly by pressingsee all options, in the opposite order. Useto scroll backward andBefore you press Set after entering information in a field using the dial pad, youcan correct a mistake.

Useto back up and then type over the incorrectcharacters. To help you understand the menu selections and options thatare found in the machine programs, use the Menu Selection Table below.

NoteDescriptionsThe factory setting option is shown in bold. When you change the size of paper you have loaded in the machine, you willneed to change the setting for the paper size, so your machine will know how tofit the incoming fax on the page. After you connect the optional Cassette 2, you can select the paper size for eachcassette. Setting Cassette UsageThe default setting of AUTO allows your machine to choose the optionalCassette 2 if paper is out in Cassette 1 or if incoming faxes will fit best on thepaper in Cassette 2.


Setting Station IDYou should store your name or company name and fax number to be printedon all fax pages you send. The telephone number you enter will be printed onlyon your cover pages.

You mustenter a fax number to proceed. Entering TextWhen you are setting certain functions, such as the Station ID, you may need totype text into the machine.

Fzx keys on the dial pad have three or four lettersprinted above 410e. By pressing the appropriate number key repeatedly you can access the characteryou want. Setting the Ring Volume1 Press Menu, 1, 4, 1. You can turn the ringOFF or you can select a ring volume level. Press High or Low to adjust the volume level. With each key press, yourmachine rings so you can hear the active setting as the LCD shows it.

Each keypress changes the volume to the next setting. Setting the Handset Volume1 Press Menu, 1, 4, 4.

The default setting is LOW. The LCD showsthe setting you are choosing. The new setting will remain until you change it again. Toner SaveYou can conserve toner using this feature. When you set Toner Save to ON,print appears somewhat lighter.

The default setting is OFF. Sleep ModeSetting the Sleep Mode reduces power consumption while the machine is idle. You can choose how long the machine is idle from 00 to 99 minutes before itdrops into sleep mode. Setting Ring DelayThe Ring Delay setting determines the number of times the machine ringsbefore it answers.

If you have extension phones on the same line as the machine,keep the Ring Delay default setting of 4. Just hold the handset and wait a few seconds. Your machine bfother the rest. Selecting ON allows the machine toreceive fax calls automatically, even if you lift the handset of manal extension orexternal phone.

Setting the Print DensityIf your machine is printing too light or too dark, you can adjust print density,making your printed documents darker or lighter.

The new setting will remainuntil you change it again. When you press the Fax Receive Code 5 1, the machine starts toreceive a fax. See Setting Fax Storage, Page Themachine will not send faxes or print received faxes without the password.

The machine will stay in Secure Mode until the registeredpassword is entered. PollingPolling is the process of retrieving 4100 from another fax machine. Setting Up Sequential Polling ReceiveYour machine can request documents from several fax units in a singleoperation.

Afterward, a Sequential Polling Report will manaul printed. SeeCanceling a Scheduled 4100s, Page