Headcrash [Bruce Bethke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Junior Engineer for Monolithic Diversified Enterprises, Jack Burroughs finds. Headcrash by Bruce Bethke – book cover, description, publication history. Far more interestingly, his first autonomous novel, Headcrash (), is a Near Future Satire, precisely targeted on “neuromantic” illusions of.

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The only reasons it gets 4 stars is because some of the beautiful humour is lost during the Romanian translation although the translator was surely doing his best.

An very entertaining cyberpunk quest. I just needed something that reminded me of why I love the genres. Bethke unintentionally named the entire cyberpunk subgenre of science fictionin his story Cyberpunk. I enjoyed the book. Aug 07, John marked it as to-read. Headcrash is a Near Future Satire, precisely targeted on “neuromantic” illusions of glamour in the new Virtual Reality worlds coming on tap. Ever since then, people have been tracking Bruce down to ask him questions about this story.

When we get him to calm down again, we will post a link to that discussion here. Everyone thinks I should let it go, and get on with my life. Complete and unabridged, narrated by Daniel Halley. This book was ridiculous but fun.

His novel, ” Headcrash “, won the prestigious Philip K. Not that nothing bad happens, but in general good triumphs over evil and the hero gets the girl. There are powerful people involved who will go to extreme lengths to protect their dark secrets and silence me forever.

One of the book’s conceits was intertextual footnotes that were supposed to represent hyperlinked information, except that they hadn’t come up with the term “hyperlink” yet Nope, nothing at all.


Well, you would think thievery from a large corporation with strong defenses would be hard, but now he has to go up against — get this — an author. Paperbackpages. My parents are alive, and I’m going to find them and save them— whatever it takes. Originally published in Amazing Stories, November The following issues are currently available on Amazon.

This article is about the cypherpunk novel.

Headcrash by Bruce Bethke – Risingshadow

There he’s sentenced to exile on a deserted island, where he apparently goes, only to wind up a beach boy in Hawaii. Told in a relentlessly fast-paced style, the best-selling Scout series is an exciting modern homage to the classic tales of planetary romance made famous by writers such as Edgar Rice Burroughs and Leigh Brackett, as well as the cliffhanger-driven energy of the early science fiction movie serials.

It’s like the author wrote himself into a corner with his craziness and decided to go balls to the wall with total insanity to end the book because he couldn’t think of anything better. Back in the day, I ate that shit up. Those are bound to be interesting, right? Nonetheless, he and his virtual reality buddies storm the place and he gets waxed, waking up — I think — in what’s supposed to be a semi-real courtroom, staffed by a teddy bear judge, a prosecuting doll, and a bird, among others.

Headcrash – Wikipedia

Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. Jul 19, Scott Holstad rated it it was ok. The following issues are now, sadly, out of print, but the covers are worth preserving for posterity. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The best way, of course, is to buy and read a few issues of the magazine. It was kind of like Dilbert meets cyberpunk.


It will take every bit of skill Nancy and Erica have to track down the villains behind the disappearances. For hard drive failure, see Head crash.

Written in and taking place inthe storyline is somewhat dated and improbably technologically advanced from the bethkd of Regardless, it’s great fun, full of inside geek jokes and pop culture references. Mar 21, Vilmibm rated it did not like it. May 28, Joe rated it it was ok.

This book is hilarious! Between and Bruce signed deals for twelve books, of which exactly four actually made it into print. But an even greater menace lurks in the shadows of the ship—one that controls every inch of the ship and every life aboard it.

Headcrash 2.0

Not even good cyberpunk. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Dick Award for Best American Novel, and has since been rediscovered to be a latent “Pynchonesque” mainstream novel. Apr 13, Greg Frederick rated it really liked it.

I had not as yet tried a computer. He takes her up on it, with the support of his buddy, and is shipped some cutting edge virtual reality gear, which includes gloves, footwear, a bra, and yes, an anal dildo. I recommend you read The Counterfeit Captain to fill in background.