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For my Nan who always protected and watched out for me. Year Of The Warrior. The attacking arm is then captured, rotated through degrees, and used to manipulate the attacker to a point of total imbalance using force applied to the tricep muscle and local Atemi, whilst stepping back to a position of Gedan Barai.

Also the pattern or ‘Embusen’ is always, in part or totality, subject to an eight-directional line of movement and, with few exceptions, will end on the same spot as it began.

As previously stated, the return sequence of the Kata is the same, on the opposite side for balance. Kata are exercise and meditation in equal measure. If you think that you can reliably hit a target a half inch in diameter whilst your opponent is dumping adrenaline into his system and trying to rip your head off, then you live in cloud cuckoo land.

However, triangle bkshi-jutsu must be quite extended.

Bushi-jutsu: The Science of the Warrior

We would suggest that if your current Sensei falls into any of the above categories, you might want to try a different ryu! This attack will, in all likelihood, be followed by a further attack – a spontaneous reflex action, if you will – defended in this example with Age Uke. The following images show the contact of a combat punch against pads. Within the Kata we can find all the skills and methods we need for live combat, providing we know how and where to look.

Instead, we see the frenzied flailing of limbs and ranges being lost in a split-second. Uchinadi Pinan Shodan – Oyo Perpetuity A Acceptance of an attack is a major aspect of Bunkai – we believe that there is no purely defensive technique – in this example, the attack is accepted for two reasons: Maybe not – this section is about strikes so, should we take them out?


This will enable the Karateka to defend against and attack many opponents at once. Alternatively, an effort is made to throw the punch from as far back around the body as possible. No, no, no and no. Exactly the same principle applies to punching. This mythology is prevalent throughout modern Karate and this, coupled with a number of other incidents, led us down this narrative route.

This advantage comes in the form of a low ura Mawashi Geri as a misdirectional attack to the knee region anywhere from knee to midthigh will suffice. We tend to use three basic kicks in combat situations, as follows: For my wife for putting up with my constant study. In the heat of a real confrontation, on the streets, there is no time for precision other than to hit the general target you intended head, ribs, groin etc.

However, as this example represents the true combative nature of Kata, a finishing axe kick to the throat of the attacker completes this defence, with lethal force.

Jutsu without Do and Jitsu is unrestrained violence.

Sensei Paskin then shifted to Shorin-Ryu, which he believed was thw to the roots of true Karate. This is quickly followed by a stepping punch to the head Oi Zuki Jodan. Hiza Geri to the attacker’s head, as you step in, maintain the lock, Mawate and take your attacker to ground pull back and up as you complete the technique.

If applied with enough force, the back leg attack can result in the attacker hitting the ground very forcibly.

The effect of this kick, well placed on the knee-cap, is hurtful. However, the chronicling of data through physical motion is timeless. Finally, when the technique is fully applied, the attacker will become a writhing mass of pain at your feet.

A good example of Tachi Sciejce is the following sequence: In this world, particularly on the streets, face ghe be lost in this way and most street fighters will not allow this. Mid-punch position Contact position 2 Contact position 1 Two points; which portion of the fist will make contact and who will be the one most seriously hurt? The Kata themselves, therefore, are extremely well equipped to utilise the involuntary responses to attacks to certain anatomically vulnerable points.

So how do we ensure that our art fulfils its original purpose and returns to being a valid and functional combative system? In so doing, we have had cause to question all of the current beliefs which exist in all of the combative arts.


Bear these things in mind — Geoff Thompson has many books which address the street-based combat mindset — familiarise yourself with them. The local farmers and fishermen, fearing for their families, developed, predominantly in secret, their ’empty hand’ fighting skills and the use of the tools of scince respective trades Nunchaku, Kama, Manriki Gusari, etc for combat.

The tne is in the form of Mae Geri, Oi Zuki. The hand is then twisted into Ikkio, which represents the second Shuto and is followed by a Teisho strike to the locked elbow joint a variation of nukite, as represented in Kata. Judicious use is strongly recommended.

Now, we may be living in a totally different cultural society and environment and we may be hundreds of years past the time when these Kata were developed, but we believe that the essence of combat and the predictability of such has remained unchanged these many centuries.

The purpose of this book is simple and sciemce. In the third book of the trilogy, we will be covering the combat bunkai of some very old kata, some white crane and high level stuff such as Higaonna Suparinpei, Higaonna Seiunchin and Aragaki Unsu. Punching additional The three stages of the reverse punch: There is a section, coming up, which focuses on the use of fingers and thumbs in combat.

Full text of “Bushi Jutsu – Science of the Warrior”

As a result of this extensive study, we have deduced a number of truths. We won’t even be showing you mystical finger movements which generate power and enlightenment. It is probably the single most reliable aspect of Kata other than its effectiveness if correctly interpreted. It can be difficult to comprehend how modern Karate — which is, after all, said to be specifically designed for self-protection — can be applied when removed from the structured and precise world of the Dojo.