discretization of the input data. The paper describes a Fast Class-Attribute Interdependence Maximization. (F-CAIM) algorithm that is an extension of the. MCAIM: Modified CAIM Discretization Algorithm for. Classification. Shivani V. Vora. (Research) Scholar. Department of Computer Engineering, SVNIT. CAIM (Class-Attribute Interdependence Maximization) is a discretization algorithm of data for which the classes are known. However, new arising challenges.

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Third, the runtime of the algorithm is lower than CAIM’s. The algorithm has been designed free-parameter and it self-adapts to the problem complexity and the data class distribution. Thanks for the code Guangdi Li.

Supervised discretization is one of basic data preprocessing techniques used in data mining. Other MathWorks country sites are not optimized for visits from your location. In the case of continuous attributes, there is a need for a discretization algorithm that transforms continuous attributes into discrete ones. This code is based on paper: The ur-CAIM was compared with 9 well-known discretization methods on 28 balanced, and 70 unbalanced data sets. If there is any problemplease let me know.

Discretized data sets are available to download for each discretization method. CAIM class-attribute interdependence maximization is designed to discretize continuous data.

ur-CAIM: Improved CAIM Discretization for Unbalanced and Balanced Data

Could you please send me the data directly? These data sets are very different in terms of their complexity, number of classes, number of attributes, number of instances, and unbalance ratio ratio of size of the majority class to minority class.


I will answer you as soon as possible. First, it generates more flexible discretization schemes while producing a small number of intervals. Based on discrteization location, we recommend that you select: I am not able to understand the class labels assigned to the Yeast dataset. One fold is used for pruning, the rest for growing the rules. These algorithms were used in Garcia et al.

Updated 17 Oct The task of extracting knowledge from databases is quite often performed by machine learning algorithms. You are now following this Submission You will see updates in your activity feed You may diwcretization emails, depending on your notification preferences. Discover Live Editor Create scripts with code, output, and formatted text in a single executable document. Hi, I got a error, can u help me?

Select the China site in Chinese or English for best site performance. Updates 17 Oct 1. Full results for each discretization and classification algorithm, and for each data set are available to download in CSV format.

Attempted to access B 0 ; index must be a positive integer or logical. Aren’t the class label supposed to be a binary indicator matrix with 1ofK coding? Second, the quality of the intervals is improved based on the data classes distribution, which leads to better classification performance on balanced and, especially, unbalanced data.

The majority of these algorithms can be applied only to data described by discrete numerical or nominal attributes features. I have a question regarding the class labels. Balanced data sets information Data set Instances Attributes Real Integer Nominal Classes abalone 8 7 0 1 28 arrhythmia 0 73 16 glass 9 9 0 0 7 heart 13 1 4 8 2 ionosphere 33 32 0 1 2 iris 4 4 0 0 3 jm1 21 13 8 0 2 madelon 0 0 2 mc1 38 10 28 0 2 mfeat-factors 0 0 10 mfeat-fourier 76 76 0 0 10 mfeat-karhunen 64 64 0 0 10 mfeat-zernike 47 47 0 0 10 pc2 36 13 23 0 2 penbased 16 16 0 0 10 pendigits 16 0 16 0 10 pima 8 8 0 0 2 satimage 36 0 36 0 7 segment 19 19 0 0 7 sonar 60 60 0 0 2 spambase 57 57 0 0 2 spectrometer 0 2 48 texture 40 40 0 0 11 thyroid 21 6 0 15 3 vowel 13 11 0 2 11 waveform 40 40 0 0 3 winequality-red 11 11 0 0 11 winequality-white 11 11 0 discretlzation The results obtained were contrasted through non-parametric statistical tests, which show that our proposal outperforms CAIM and many of discfetization other methods on both types of data but especially on unbalanced data, which is its significant advantage.


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ur-CAIM: An Improved CAIM Discretization Algorithm for Unbalanced and Balanced Data Sets

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Hello sir i am student of jntuk university. The data sets are available to download balanced and unbalanced. Comments and Ratings 4. Hemanth Hemanth view profile. Then I could test it and find the problem.

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Tags Add Tags classification data mining discretization. However, new arising challenges such as the presence of unbalanced data sets, call for new algorithms capable of handling them, in addition to balanced data.

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