The Dataradio Viper SC delivers wireless IP and long range communications that are secure; no longer do users have to choose between the two. Featuring a. CalAmp Corp. l 1 Using a Software Defined Radio, Viper SC is MultiSpeed operation allows each remote Viper SC to communicate to a. CalAmp Corp. l 1. EXPERIENCE THE The Viper SC Base Station eliminates the tradeo s between speed, range and reliability. The Base.

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Contact us for copies of this firmware.

Featuring a robust communications link for VHF, UHF and MAS licensed networks, the Viper SC has an internal web browser with an interface that both IT and network administrators can relate to that allows them to set up and view device information, configure network parameters and deploy upgrades from anywhere. Please let us know if we can help. Out of the box settings with newer Vipers may conflict with default settings for ac radios so there are some things to check.


The current release is 3. With advanced diagnostic capabilities, over the air firmware upgrades, channel migration and RoHS compliance, the Viper SC is one investment that can be counted on well into the future.

CalAmp Viper Compatibility Feb 14, Setting up Router mode networks can be intimidating to the uninitiated so let us help. There have been some questions recently about the compatibility of new CalAmp Viper products and older products. Here are some steps you should take to ensure compatibility:. Each Viper SC features store and forward that enables a longer communication range and sx network expansion.

CalAmp Viper Compatibility – BRAAS

IP Router for Licensed Spectrum. There are actually two different Viper hardware platforms.

By offering multi-speed operation that uses variable modulation, the overall system performance is improved resulting in an adaptive network that is both optimized for high performance and reliability. One advantage of the Viper SC is its capability for route redundancy.

Here are some steps you should take to ensure compatibility: Not everyone in our organization has all the answers but we have a couple of engineers and several field technicians with Viper and other CalAmp product experience.


By allowing a unit to switch from the primary path to a secondary path when system interference or link degradation is caalamp, the user doesn’t lose valuable time, system performance or the communication.

This radio has the same hardware as Viper-SC but they has newer, improved firmware.

Delivering critical data when it matters most and technology that meets future needs. Reid Garst Vice President Links: Now to make sure your new radios will work with older Viper systems.

Match the over air data rate of the systems. The Dataradio Viper SC delivers wireless IP and long range communications that are secure; no longer do users have to choose ccalamp the two.