European regional assessment: Least Concern (LC) EU 27 regional assessment: Least Concern (LC) Calopteryx virgo is a common and widespread species in. Confined to southern half of Ireland. Adults fly during June and July. This and the Banded Demoiselle are the largest Irish damselfly species. The Beautiful. Calopteryx virgo virgo Trusted • Calopteryx virgo Trusted more taxon associations Calopteryx virgo britannica is a subspecies of the Beautiful Demoiselle.

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Because they reside within the water body, but mainly in the quieter areas, the danger of being swept with the flow, is relatively low. Mainly found along streams and cakopteryx, particulary those with sand or gravel bottoms. If you think this file should be featured on Wikimedia Commons as well, feel free to nominate it. If this happens, they clearly its long body and legs stretched as far as possible to get in touch with the vegetation or the substrate to come.

The first adults of dragonflies emerge, depending on the weather, at the end of April to the end of September. This page was last edited on calopteeyx Augustat A quick caloptwryx of Google Images or Wikimedia tends to find related American species such as the Ebony Jewelwing Calopteryx maculataalso known as the Black-winged Damselflybut such species do not occur ccalopteryx Europe and have never been known to fly the Atlantic.

On the other hand, caloptertx eutrophication of water by agriculture and by household wastewater causes an important factor in the decline dar. It bulges on the upper part of the egg slightly, while the lower part deforms concave. The larvae live in the streams mentioned before and are mainly dependent on the water plants. This aging period usually lasts about 10 days, after which they return to the waters. Adobe Photoshop CS Windows.

Beautiful Demoiselle (Calopteryx virgo) ·

Calopteryx virgo Zygoptera of Germany. In the northern part of their range, such as in Norway and Finland, it is also found near medium-sized rivers or even larger streams. The eastern subspecies of C. This sensitivity qualifies it in water chemistry as a bioindicator for the assessment of water quality. They feed primarily on insect larvae such as those of the black flies, midges, firgo and mayflies, as well as amphipods. This is mainly because they absorb the oxygen from the water inefficient.


Similar species The Banded Demoiselle C. The veralgten plants are not accepted by the females as oviposition sites. In the virgp environment, shaded according to the animals appear later, usually basking in the tops of the surrounding vegetation. The cooler water is a breeding, the greater the proportion of larvae that pass through the two winter periods and therefore a development of nearly two years semivoltine development.

The males rest on bankside vegetation waiting for females. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

Calopteryx virgo Linnaeus Click on images to enlarge. Thus they will be an indication of value in the saprobic assigned of 1. They chase passing insects, often returning to the same perch. As with the banded demoiselle is also in the blue wing-demoiselle a pronounced territorial behavior of sexually mature males. This species is rather similar to The Banded Demoiselle Calopteryx splendensother British damselfly with coloured wings. The blue-winged demoiselle lives mainly near small to medium-sized streams and creeks.

Isarkanal, Munich, Germany Deutsch: They are defending their seats against other dragonfly larvae, especially those of its own kind. Beautiful Demoiselle Calopteryx virgo male female. The water must not be nutrient rich eutrophic.

The waters are usually in the immediate vicinity of forests. The newly hatched dragonflies spend after leaving the larval shell exuvia is the first time until full coloration in the vegetation surrounding the water body. Within the egg takes place, the embryonic development of the dragonfly.


Permission Reusing this file. Libellenart aus der Familie der Prachtlibellen Calopterygidae innerhalb der Kleinlibellen. It is believed that it is mainly used for communication, it also supports the ventilation in the thorax and accordingly probably also plays a role in thermoregulation of the animals. As resting places, the animals need trees and shrubs, often resting on high herbaceous plants such as the large nettle Urtica dioica.

Especially when only a few males are present, the territorial defense is very aggressive, with a higher number of competing male aggression but decreases significantly. Retrieved from ” https: This is a Quality image and is considered to meet the Quality image guidelines.

File:Beautiful Demoiselle Calopteryx virgo male female.jpg

The last three segments of it are much brighter and are referred to as a “lantern” that will be presented. But natural waters with low water pollution calopteryc be in a state of the animals is not available.

The males sit in their areas mostly in exposed places in the vegetation, which extends over the water, sometimes on vegetation or rocks cushions amid the waters. Immature males show brown wings, as the metallic blue wing color develops only with age. Klaus Sternberg, Rainer Buchenwald. The main reason is the oxygen content under higher temperatures. According to this situation it is in Germany in the Red Data Book classified as endangered in some states it is even in danger of extinction.

The substrate of the river has only a very minor importance, because the larvae reside mainly in the vegetation. OpenStreetMap – Google Earth. They both belong to the genus Calopteryx. Throughout the day there are males in sunlit waters are already in the early morning in Central Europe between 7.