Canon ZR Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Canon ZR Instruction Manual, Brochure. Canon Mini Dv Zr Manual Pdf digital video camcorder instruction manual manuel d – digital video camcorder instruction manual mini. Sat, 15 Dec GMT canon mini dv zr manual pdf – View and. Download Canon ZR instruction manual online. Digital Video Camcorder.

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Refer to the installation guide for further details. If the symptoms reappear shortly after the cleaning, the videocassette may be defective. Do not make any changes or modifications to the equipment unless otherwise specified in the manual. If such changes or modifications should be made, you could be required to stop operation of the equipment. Read Instructions — All the safety and operating instructions manyal be read before the product is operated.

If the product has been exposed to rain or water. When replacement of the power supply is required, please return it to the responsible nearest Canon Service Center and please replace it with the same type number CA The adapter can be used with a power supply between and V AC.

For areas where V AC power is not used, you will need a special plug adapter. Special Scene Recording Programs System Setup Beep, Power Save, etc. Please read this manual carefully before you use the camcorder and retain it for future reference. Register your product online at Protect your product We will keep the zzr950 number and date of purchase of canonn new Canon product on file to help you refer to this information in the event of an insurance claim such as loss or theft.

Recording reminder The camcorder counts from 1 to 10 seconds when you start recording. This is helpful to avoid scenes that are too short. Number of still images available on the memory Getting Started Getting Started Charging the Battery Pack The camcorder can be powered with a battery pack or directly using the compact power adapter. Charge the battery pack before use. For approximate charging times and Installing the Backup Battery The backup battery lithium button battery CR allows the camcorder to retain the date, time and other camcorder settings while the power source is disconnected.

Connect a power source to the camcorder when replacing the backup battery to retain the settings. In the manual, indicates that a function is available in the operating mode shown indicates that the function is not available. Press In the still image index screen, the setup menus will open. Skip to step 3. Select the icon and press to open the setup menus. Select cajon desired menu from the left side column and press The title of the selected menu appears on top of the screen and under it the list of settings.

Changing the Time Zone Change the time zone to match your location. Open the date and time setup screen. Change each field of the mnaual and time with the joystick move to the next field. Subject can monitor the First push the memory card once to release it, and then pull manua card out.


About the Mode Switch and Recording Programs Set the mode switch to camcorder adjust all the settings for you, allowing you to just point the camcorder and start shooting. Set the mode switch to The Special Scene recording programs way to select the optimal settings to match special recording conditions.

The zoom speed with the wireless controller will be the same as with the camcorder or fixed at SPEED 3] when [ selected. To restore the power if the camcorder shut off, turn the camcorder off and then on again. Operation on the camcorder Initial mode or on the wireless controller Normal playback: Press and hold Normal playback On-Screen Displays Data Code The camcorder keeps a data code containing the date and time of recording.

You can select the data to be displayed. Options OFF] No data code display. Check the image on the screen. Make sure to use a tripod especially in mode, as the shutter speed slows down.

Changing the Shutter Speed Use the automatic exposure AE program to use functions like the white balance or image effects, or to select the shutter speed. Use faster shutter speeds to record subjects moving quickly. Use slower shutter speeds to add motion blur, emphasizing the feel of movement. Use the viewfinder instead. Set the camcorder to record pause mode. Activate the self timer. Records audio at the highest quality.

With this camcorder you can dub audio only using the microphone Selecting the Audio Track on a Tape with Dubbed Audio You can select the audio track to play back when playing back a tape that has a dubbed audio track Stereo 2 in addition to the original recorded audio Stereo 1.

Push the joystick toward [BACK] to save the focus adjustment. Use this setting for outdoor scenes. Video – Under mercury lamps and certain types of fluorescent lights Image Effects You can use the image effects to change the color saturation and contrast to record images with special color effects.

When you apply an effect, the sound will be recorded normally. As a general rule select a larger image size for higher quality. Options Image size options and the approximate number of still images that can be recorded on memory cards of various sizes are given in the table below. To reduce the magnification, move the zoom lever toward W.

Canon ZR950 Manuals

Move the frame to the part of the image you want to see enlarged. Additional Functions Additional Functions Automatic Focus Priority When the focus priority is activated, the camcorder records a still image only after the focus has been adjusted automatically.

The focus priority cannot be turned off. Initializing the memory card permanently erase all still images, even the protected ones. Initializing the Memory Card Initialize memory cards when you use them with this camcorder for the first time, or to erase all the still images on them.

Canon Camcorder ZR A User Guide |

When using Canon mamual you can print the same still image multiple times on the same sheet of paper. External Connections This chapter explains step-by-step how to connect your camcorder to an external device such as a TV, VCR, or computer. Inserting it in the wrong direction can result in damage to the camcorder. Connecting Connect the camcorder to the TV following one of the connection If the operation does not work, use the AV terminal.


Output connection signal flow DV Terminal Check the type and orientation of the terminal and make sure you connect the DV cable properly.

Transfer Orders You can mark in advance the still images you want to transfer to the computer as transfer orders. Additional Information This chapter contains troubleshooting advice, screen messages, handling and maintenance tips, and other information. Menu Options Lists Appendix: Menu Options Lists Menu items not available appear grayed out. For details about how to select an item, refer to Using the Menus page. ORDER ON] Option available only when the mode switch is set to This option will appear only when you press or immediately after recording the still image, if set to [ Setup menus The camcorder uses the full width of the image sensor providing high- resolution The list of languages available depends on the region of purchase.

In order to save power when the camcorder is powered by a battery pack, it will automatically shut off if left without any operation for 5 minutes. The charge indicator flashes rapidly. Consult a Canon Service Center. Replace the battery Video noise appears on screen. Printing The printer is not operating even though the camcorder and printer are correctly connected.

After a short while, turn them on again, set the camcorder to Additional Information Editing Cannot record with this camcorder video input from an external video device connected using a DV cable. Refer also to the instruction manual of the connected device. This message appears each time you turn the power on until Contact a Canon Service Center refer to the list included with the printer to replace the ink absorber.

The paper is not correctly loaded or the paper size is wrong. Select [STOP] to cancel printing. After removing the paper, set some paper again and retry printing. Do not leave the camcorder pointed at a bright subject. The camcorder is not waterproof — avoid also water, mud or salt. If any of the Clean the terminals with a cotton swab after about 10 times of removing and reinserting the cassette. The memory function is not supported by the camcorder.

Image data may be corrupted or lost due to memory card defects or exposure to static electricity. Canon makes no warranties for corrupted or lost data. Consult the Canon Service Center for information on plug adapters for overseas use. Playback on a TV Screen