Bank of America is Celent’s Model Bank of the Year Celent has awarded its Model Bank of the Year to Bank of America for its efforts to. While Celent’s vision of Model Bank remains constant, much has changed over ten years. We look back at the history of Model Bank and its. NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Celent, a global financial services research and advisory firm, today announced that MoneyLion – the.

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Operations and Risk Initiatives aimed at improving internal efficiency and risk management. An invitation to the awards ceremony A press release issued by Celent announcing and congratulating all the winners.

A subscription is required to activate this feature. Deploying innovative technologies that enhance customer experience e.

Confirm the executive that will accept the award.

The programme then split into parallel Banking, Insurance and Wealth and Asset Management tracks before reconvening again to close with a series of debates between Celent analysts on three topics: Model Bank winners are featured in Celent case studies. The information you will have supplied in the application form will serve as a great starting point for the case study. Opportunity Pain points or business opportunity — why did you launch this initiative?

Celent Model Bank is awarded for best practices of technology usage in different areas critical to success in banking, and is the main award that a financial institution FI can receive from Celent.

No, we will never disclose the fact that you submitted a Model Bank nomination, unless we recognise you as a Model Bank award winner. A subscription is required to activate this feature. He or she should be your first port of call for any additional questions you might have about the Bqnk Bank program. Yes, absolutely, we encourage you to submit all the initiatives that you are proud of.


Celent will work with each winner to publish a case study of their winning initiative, which will be available for Celent Banking research subscription clients. Clearly tell us what you did and why, and why you think what you did is unique and deserves recognition. Click to express your interest in this report.

Emerging Technology Improving capability to innovate and experimenting with new technologies. Send at least one senior representative familiar with the initiative to the award ceremony to accept the award. Yes, with one important exception. Indication of coverage against your requirements. We expect competition to be fierce, and by fragmenting your platform functionality into discrete components, you run the risk that none of them individually will be strong enough to win.

Bakn it an integration nightmare? Subscribers should sign in to access this research.

We look back at the history of Model Bank and its evolution, then provide an overview of Model Bank We continue to judge the initiatives on three criteria. All banks would do well to emulate BofA as it evolves toward a digital and customer-driven world. We will send an email to the individuals with contact details on the submission form. If you are considering entering your initiative, you must be proud of what you achieved.

Subscription required Access to this content requires a Celent research subscription. Deploying new technologies and delivery models mpdel.

Introducing Celent Model Bank Awards | Celent

There are no specific criteria for Model Bank of the Year. The nomination process is now closed.


Clarity of your submission is crucial! The interview questions would broadly follow this outline. Forwe are again looking for nominations across five broad areas: Innovative functionality enhancements for consumer digital platforms e. Market and competition, or anything else relevant to understanding the case study. Did you roll it out around the world? Craig Weber, Celent CEO, opened the day by presenting compelling evidence that financial services are more important than many celebrities.

Every year we suggest five to eight categories and invite banks to nominate their technology initiatives.

Model Bank awards mldel not available for investment banking, capital markets, trading, or wealth management initiatives. We plan to recognise one institution as the overall Model Bank of the Year and up to 25 winners of specific awards. If you want to issue your own press release, we recommend doing so on the day following the award ceremony. In the meantime, enjoy the case studies and let’s celebrate the Model Bank winners of !

The FIs do not have to specify which award they are applying for.

Celent Model Bank Awards

Yes, but you must purchase redistribution rights from Celent first. Bank of America, USA.

BankingCorporate BankingRetail Banking. While the vision remained the same, much has changed over 10 years.

However, it is much harder to demonstrate the direct impact on customers, and as a result, we no longer recognise such initiatives with a Model Bank award.