Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group (HK) Valuation. 24XX forward P/E, according to IPO prospectus, as consolidated profit for the. Dispatch of share certificates and White Form e-IPO Refund Offering” in this prospectus contains details, including conditions, of the Global Offering. (2) Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited, a company incorporated. CHOW TAI FOOK JEWELLERY GROUP LIMITED. (Incorporated in the Cayman . Enterprises Group, as disclosed in the Prospectus and the.

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Unaudited forecast earnings per Share on a pro forma basis for the year ending 31 March 2. We cannot assure you that we will be able to lease or prospectks suitable locations on terms commercially acceptable to us, as we have been able to do so in the past.

However, we cannot be certain that our growth rate is sustainable in the long term. Total The Group 2.

If an active public market for our Shares does not develop, the Shares could trade at a price lower than the Offer Price, and you may not be able to resell your Shares for an extended period of time, if at all. In particular, we may be required to relocate such operations temporarily or permanently, and such business interruption could adversely affect our business, results of operations and financial condition. Future fluctuations in foreign exchange rates and government control in currency conversion may adversely affect our financial condition and results of operations as well as our ability to remit dividends.

Net cash from used in financing activities. Or Ching-Fai, Raymond Dr. If they leave or become unable or unwilling to fulfil their roles, this may have an adverse effect on our business and future growth. Except for our self-operated Concessionaire Counters which are typically located within department stores, we generally lease the premises of our self-operated POS, with a small number of our self-operated POS occupying self-owned properties.

Over the forecast period prospectsu tothe market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of Cheng Kar-Shun, Henry Mr. We may not be able to find suitable locations for new POS on commercially acceptable terms, if at all. Subject to the requirements of applicable laws, rules and regulations, we do not have any and undertake no obligation to update or otherwise revise the forward-looking statements in this prospectus, whether as dhow result of new information, future events or developments or otherwise.

The distribution of this prospectus and the offering of the Offer Shares in other jurisdictions are subject to restrictions and may not be made chos as permitted under the applicable securities laws of such jurisdictions and pursuant to registration with or authorisation by the relevant securities regulatory authorities or an exemption therefrom. As a result, these host department stores may attempt to transfer such increases to us by increasing our concessionaire fees as we seek to renew our concessionaire agreements.


Chow Tai Fook – Prospectus_图文_百度文库

Please click on ” Dividend History ” for the details. Should any of these suppliers become unable or unwilling to continue to supply us with the raw materials and the merchandise we need, our operations and financial results may be adversely affected. As a result, such litigation may have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.

We are a retailer of a broad range of discretionary taii and our sales and profitability are not affected by the prices of gold and platinum alone. The term of a significant majority of our leases ranges from one year to four years.

Chow Tai Fook says prices HK IPO at HK$15/share | Reuters

Inthere were reports of occurrences of H1N1 flu in certain regions of the world, including the PRC. Furthermore, we do not sell our products into the United States. As many of these laws, rules and regulations are relatively new, and because of the limited volume of published decisions, the interpretation and enforcement of these laws, rules and regulations involve uncertainties and may not be as consistent or predictable as in other more developed jurisdictions.

Although we have disaster recovery systems and have back-up systems in place, we cannot assure you that these systems will be adequate to support our operations in the event of a prolonged breakdown of our primary system, or that our tia systems will not be damaged simultaneously with our primary system, in which case our business operations will be materially and adversely affected.

The growth and sustainability of the PRC jewellery market is widely acknowledged to have been and will continue to be driven by event-driven demands. Any of the above factors could increase the costs of our production or disrupt our production in the Pearl River Delta, which may have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations or financial condition. The strong growth in branded mass to high-end luxury watches in Hong Kong and Chod can be attributed to the fast-growing number of tourists, the rising standard of living prospeectus PRC tourists, increasing domestic expenditure on luxury goods and a growing desire for authentic, aspirational brands.

At times, the interests of the Controlling Shareholders may not be consistent with the interests of our other Shareholders.

Going forward, the retail sales of consumer goods in Hong Kong and Macau is forecasted to grow at an even faster pace with a CAGR of In addition, customer preferences differ across and within each of our regions, and shift over time in response to changing aesthetics and economic circumstances.

Overthe average price of polished diamond decreased by We monitor the sales performance and inventory level of our franchised POS and also provide staff training. As a result, we may not be able to identify and lease or acquire suitable locations for our new POS. For example, in addition to conducting market research, our customer loyalty programmes enhance our ability to understand the spending behaviour of our customers, which in turn helps us gain customer loyalty as well as gauge market trends and customer preferences.


As at 30 Septemberwe had franchised POS which were operated by over franchisees, and amongst our self-operated POS, we had joint-venture POS which were operated by over 20 joint-venture partners. We also benefit from operational efficiencies that often translate into more competitive pricing for our products, which benefits our customers as well as attracts more customers, both new and repeat customers, to foom our products.

The jewellery business is highly competitive. Despite the rising demand cnow precious stones and metals, notably within the jewellery markets of the PRC, Hong Kong and Macau, the respective global supply remained at a relatively stable level historically.

Our origins trace back toprosoectus we started engaging in the jewellery business in Mainland China.

Investor FAQ

In recent years, property prices and rental related expenses in the PRC, Hong Kong and Macau have fluctuated, but overall have increased significantly. Byjewellery sales from department stores is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of For example, in May and Aprilthe PRC experienced earthquakes with reported magnitudes of 8. Up to , additional Shares assuming the exercise of the Offer Size Adjustment Option in full and up to , Shares assuming the Offer Size Adjustment Option is not exercised to be offered by the Selling Shareholder.

However, due to the vast geographic coverage of the PRC and the costs associated with extensive store roll-outs, the franchising model has gained prominence with jewellery retailers as a cost-effective and efficient form of expansion, especially in the lower tier cities. Any future natural disasters and public health and public security hazards may, among other things, significantly disrupt our ability to adequately staff our business or distribute our products, and may generally disrupt our operations.

Chow Tai Fook says prices HK IPO at HK$15/share

However, there is no assurance that the PBOC will not in the future enforce on such noncompliance retrospectively. As a result, our watch business could be adversely affected. If the Over-allotment Option is exercised, the Selling Shareholder will be offering up to , existing Shares assuming that the Offer Size Adjustment Option is not exercised and up to , existing Shares assuming that the Offer Size Adjustment Option is exercised in full.

The concentration of our production facilities tak our raw material warehouses in a single geographical region, the Pearl River Delta, means that our business and results of operations are dependent on the degree to which we are able to continue to import raw materials into, manufacture products in, and export products from, this region.