Vincent Cichowicz Compiled by Mark Dulin and Michael Cichowicz Flow Studies Volume 1 Vincent Cichowicz’s famous collection of studies from numerous. These simple exercises are known and used by trumpet players all over the creation of Vincent Cichowicz, one of the great trumpet players and teachers of the. Click on the “Search” tab up top, type “flow studies”, select this forum.

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What is ‘Flow studies? Apr 24, 1. I don’t know what else to add to the title. I found some sheet music for ‘Flow Studies’ on the web but I don’t know what’s their purpose. The name of the studies suggests the notes should flow but shouldn’t they regardless of what you play?

Flow Studies Vol. 1 (Cichowicz)

Can I play the C Major scale in thirds i. Apr 24, 2. Nick Drozdoff has a youtube video where he is studied flow studies. You might check those out. Just type in nick drozdoff flow studies. Apr 24, 3.


What is ‘Flow studies?’

Their purpose is generally to make trumpet playing more efficient, atleast that’s what I’ve known them to do. Vincent Chicowicz is a good name to check out. Apr 24, 4. Pick any interval exercises, for example the ones in the first few exercises of Arban’s, and slur them slow and bold.

Congratulations, you just played a flow study. Any dipstick can tongue a note but it’s a little harder to slur it.

Apr 25, 5. Thanks for the tips and I also found an older thread with exactly the same question I asked in the ‘Similar Threads’ below. studirs

For some reason I didn’t spot it in the search results. Apr 26, 6. My understanding is that Vince Chicowitz didn’t see the value in static long tones as much as those which had movement to them so he wrote out such an exercise for his students, which he revised over time, and which became the Flow Studies. They are played in a variety of dynamics and should be played as effortlessly as possible. They build tone, control and assist in building range.

Apr 26, 7. Without guidance, flow studies are the opposite of Articulation studies.


Books by Vincent Cichowicz

Any dipstick can slur, only the articulate can make themselves understood. Apr 26, 8. Apr 26, 9. Obviously a person needs to learn to articulate. The context was flow studies. Apr 26, What you have gotten off of the internet are probably the first pages of Chicowitz’ book “Flow Studies”.

The Long Tones concepts, as I understand them, are to begin in the middle register very relaxed, with a pure sound and with the tone beginning with a proper breath release. Basically, the rest is application. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet.

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