Then Kasen Kustom Auto gets a TV show, All Revved Up, and the show could Crystal Jordan is a new to me author, and I can definitely say she will be in my. All Revved Up (Revved Up, Book One) All Revved Up by Crystal Jordan My rating: 4 of 5 stars “This was hot, hot, hot the chemistry between Dean and Andi. All Revved Up Crystal Jordan First in the Revved Up ‟s nothing Andi Manning doesn‟t know about cars. Work.

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She shrugged out of the top of the coveralls, and he dipped his hand in until he reached her panties. I mean, seriously, fully revved left brain and an erotic romance about shape-shifters from space?

SoniaR rated it liked it Mar 19, Without a doubt by the end of the story the reader will be feeling all revved up and wanting more of this author’s work!

I was just stopping in to grab a to-go order.

All Revved Up – First in the Revved Up series.

As a rule, Angry Boner Man is not my favorite character type, but he ended up being the perfect complement for Jana’s self-hatred. The garage had cleared out, but he knew she was still here. His cock went rock hard at the first glance. Rwvved put her hand on his arm.


All Revved Up by Crystal Jordan

His callused palms on her punished buttocks made her gasp, but he pressed the head of his cock to her anus and entered her, stretched her. Open Preview See a Problem? Patti rated it liked it Feb 16, Cassandra Curtis rated it really liked it Jan 17, They fought for control, biting, sucking, and licking.

Hedonistic sci-fi military thriller.

There was dead silence while both men in the room stared at her, their jaws sagging. Second in the Revved Up series. It felt as if electricity shot through him, frying his nerve endings. Anyway, while and after Jana was being raped, Kyber was being tortured by said villain. The word punched him in the gut, pain exploding through every inch of his body.

He spread his fingers wider on her back, his pinky edging under the hem of her t-shirt. A gallon of it.

And that was just the way it should be. No more hiding anything, no more holding back.


That hot spark of awareness flashed in her gaze. Not that Dean had called or tried to keep her around. Like, once I let go of one thing, it all came crashing in.

Kcalter rated it liked it Nov 06, His cock lengthened, throbbed with the need to be inside her warm, welcoming cunt. revver

Night Owl HOT Romance

He liked to be in control, he liked to have his shit together and a plan in place. She kept one hand on the hem of her dress to keep it down. Last night had been an impulse, spontaneous combustion, but she had no excuses now. It scared me, because I thought I was in control for all those years and then everything was spinning out.

Crystal Jordan

Nareh marked it as to-read Apr 25, Apr 29, Shelby P rated it did not like it. I wish there had been more to this fun and exciting story! And all mine tonight.