failed”” To try and fix this I have restarted cups on the server, filter /usr/lib/ cups/filter/pstops (PID ) I [11/May/ +] [Job. MacOS Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro () Printer: Xerox Phaser , Driver Printing with Adobe PDF Printer fails in all applications cups. Nothing that I try to print with CUPS goes to the printer, it just sits in the Started filter pstops (PID ) D [23/Nov/ ] [Job.

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– documents fail to fully print because of stackunderflow

Comment 61 Fedora End Of Life Comment 55 Fedora End Of Life If you find them distracting the cupa command will falied them: We’re now coming up on year three since the root problem was identified, and still no fix is pending. I am running Ghostscript version 8. Wouldn’t the problem be in the generated print commands? If the file cannot be viewed you could examine the previous stages which lead to its production and see whether they give acceptable outputs. Please try the attached file. When a print job is processed it is sent through a chain of filters to convert the file into a format fai,ed printer can understand, and then finally sent to a backenda program which can transport the data to the printer.

It should be more tolerant to broken interpreters. No idea how to clear those out as well. The error page contains: What is the precise problem with EOF handling?


The default feature code for it is: Comment 1 Jiri Popelka Comment 31 Michael Eager Login [x] Log in using an account from: What I have noticed in the past is that stack underflow does seem to be related to the number of pages in the job.

Throughout this account CUPS is used to refer to what you get if the source dailed downloaded from cups. The only way to proceed is to make experiments psyops the real printer.

Comment 62 Fedora End Of Life When we take the contributions of developers of other free software such as GhostscriptPopplerGutenprint and Avahi into account we can glimpse the complexity of the relationships between the components of the printing system.

Aug 9, Comment 48 Alex Cherepanov Not all printers offer the same services. Comment 29 Michael Eager This affects image compression and font formats.

Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. I guess, it approximately corresponds to PostScript language level.

Should print a blank page. Comment 49 John Dennis Errors in the filtering chain are also logged there and could be the responsibilty of other programs such as cups-filters, Gailed, Poppler, colord etc, all non-CUPS software. For anything else, or if you are not sure, choose cups or use your best guess.

May 17, You may see a Connection expander arrow near the bottom right hand corner of the window — click that to see which backends are available. Learn as if you were to live forever. It just sets policies and duplex depending on the parameter.


How to debug printing problems

Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: If there is a problem with one of these other models it may be beneficial to switch to rendering PostScript from the PDF with the pdftops-renderer option. Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard. Some of this can be gathered automatically using the printing troubleshooterbut you may also need to include other information. It appears as though language-level and BR-Script level are two independent things.

usr/libexec/cups/filter/pstops failed – | Adobe Community

May 3, I also psto;s if it fails to detect EOF it will read past the end of the stream and consume a push, then when it returns to reading postscript the stack is now out of sync and it generates a stack underflow, is that correct? If you wish for this bug to remain open pstopd you plan to fix it in a currently maintained version, simply change the ‘version’ to a later Fedora version prior to Fedora 17’s end of life.

Comment 11 Tim Waugh In other words, this appears to affect several Brother printers. It makes no assumptions about the stack content during execution on the procedure data source.