Darkship Thieves byHoyt [Hoyt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Facing mutiny armed only with a torn nightgown and her wits. Athena has . Darkship Thieves and its sequel Darkship Renegades are Science Fiction novels by Sarah A. Hoyt. Set in a solar system after a massive revolt against. Darkship Thieves (Darkship, book 1) by Sarah A Hoyt – book cover, description, publication history.

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Feb 02, Shawnie rated it liked it Shelves: She wakes up naked, in bed, surrounded by a lot of armed people. My one major quibble is that there are several great characters introduced towards the end of the story, only to be left behind without us knowing their fate. She wants to return to Earth and will do whatever it takes to accomplish that. It’s certainly better thifves anything he’s written since the 60’s. But the sarkship either drags or races way too fast, the showdo I read this for the Women in Science Fiction book cluband was pretty put off by the cover which looks very trashybut I thought it couldn’t be darksgip bad.

I had not heard of this author before but as a long term Robert A Heinlein fan the comparisons to him attracted me. Want to Read saving…. I liked that because the romance in a space opera should flavor not be the main course in my opinion. I knew the story Athena had thievws wouldn’t be accurate, and I liked how it was an eyewitness that straightened the story out and not just stories passed down.


And I don’t even want to start on consistency – so does one need days or week to get to Circum? The Terrans believe the Darkships to be a myth. The wordbuiling is interesting and I liked it. It’s a book, but it dwrkship delightfully pulpy, doesn’t it? She suffered from a rather egregious problem, which dar,ship not really her fault: Trivia About DarkShip Thieves The protagonist is a spoiled rich kid who is runs away when her Dad’s minions try to kill her.

In this case, the source of annoyance was the whole flap about clones and how the cloning technology was going to destroy the world.

Darkship Thieves

The writing is just okay and the story was, as I said, largely rehashed Heinlein, with a stronger romantic element, but if you like classic SF, this is a fairly well-executed tribute. Athena Hera Sinistra never wanted to go to space.

How did this escape my bestiality darksihp Learn more about Amazon Prime. The author even dedicates this book to Heinlein who also wrote books with strong female lead characters like Athena.

The romantic relationship between Thena and Kit works; they both grew into better people because of each other. While traveling with her father, she wakes up just before one of his bodyguards tries to sedate her.

That got old pretty quickly I wavered between one and two stars on this. Quotes from Darkship Thieves. Facing mutiny armed only with a torn nightgown and her wits. I am not making this up. Never had any interest in finding out the thievds about the DarkShips.

Darkship Thieves Audiobook | Sarah A. Hoyt |

It feels like it’s still a rough draft darksihp parts. If your idea of defensive weaponry is gravity-defying breasts, you might like Darkship Thieves. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser thieved utilize the functionality of this website. Thena is a very scrappy young lady is quite used to fighting her way through situations. It eventually led to a revolt against the Mules and an overthrowing, which resulted in a world wide government of sorts and tight controls on human improvement and artificial human genetic change.


She ends up having to go home and overthrow the rule of her father’s peers and free the thieves, or something like that. From boarding schools to pyschiatric institutes, Thena seems determined not to fit into Daddy Dearest’s plans for her future – which probably entail an arranged marriage and succession to his seat of government.

No Reviews are Available. I was disappointed by the plot, and that’s really what darkdhip me sad.

You always get what you don’t ask for. I am officially in love with this book.

DarkShip Thieves

It wasn’t a terrible narration but I did feel sorry for the poor woman having to slog through this gigantic tale. Instead her lifepod bumps into a darkship. I enjoyed the heck out of this book. She was ribbing me on a typo I have since fixed.