De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) is a set of wargames rules. It is a set of wargame rules written by the Wargames Research Group in England. They function by. De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) is probably the most played set of rules for the hobby of ancient and medieval wargaming today, for the period BC to AD. De Bellis Fantasticus is a set of supplemental DBM rules published by Keep Wargaming. Requires use of DBM or later. The supplement was written by.

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De Bellis Multitudinis Version 3.0, softback miniatures rules

Elephants, Chariots, Artillery and Naval are 1 model per element, representing varying numbers of that type – for example 16 elephants or 25 chariots. Combat can be either distant or close, with only a minority of troop types being able to conduct the former. Ground scale is in paces, and the number of inches to a pace varies according to the figure scale – 1″ to 50 paces in 15mm, 40mm to 50 paces in 25mm.

Follow the link above and it will take you to the bit about the Early Belljs. Whilst not looking like the classic Normans we are used to seeing from places such as the Bayeux Tapestry, the elements needed to construct this army are present and arguably an early version of this force may have looked like the figures used.

I must plead guilty to using the website as a means of keeping track of everything, hence the Planned Items. Notify me of new comments via email. The rules allow armies to be chosen bellks published Army Lists in 4 books, with about different army lists in total – but many more once all the in-list variants are taken into account using a points system to select roughly equal armies if required.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Reviewer Mark Ottley described the number of modifiers as “over the top”, but then qualified this verdict by adding that, after a multitudinie while, the player can learn to ignore most of them except for rare special cases.

Follow the link below to subscribe to this list but please note that there is an awful lot of traffic generated off this site. Both sets seem like they will be published this year A futile fight against entropy or ‘Every man should have a hobby’? As well as friendly games, DBM competitions are played worldwide – including a truly global World championship. While simplifying combat resolution, this contact rule requires element placement on the table top to be fairly neat and precise and can result in situations where the arrangement of elements prevents some from getting into combat.


These approaches, coupled with a fairly simple game system, produces a multotudinis playing but subtle game that is easy to pick up but much harder to master, and mirrors ancient warfare a lot more closely than most rulesets that have gone before. There is a natural opponent to this army in the morphable armies below.

There can be upwards of messages a day received from this group. Figures from here also allow for a lot of dde with the Goths mentioned above.

This army has some natural or rather historical opponents from the armies listed in the morphable armies below: So, the following armies can be morphed from the figures above:. Email required Address never made public.

Destination Humanity Chasing big dreams one photo at a time. A point army is typically an army of between about 50 and 80 elements, or about – figures in total a Regular, mainly mounted army like a Mongol force is more d per element, whereas one based more on Irregular foot troops such as the Anglo-Saxons at Fe is cheaper per element and thus much larger.

It evolved from the simpler DBA ruleset in the early ‘s. Close range bow shooting and the throwing of javelins is treated as part of close combat.

This system came under early criticism as “superficial and surreal” and as failing to give the player the flavor of what it was like to command an ancient army.

De Bellis Multitudinis Version , softback miniatures rules – The Shop on the Borderlands

Once this is finished, my next armies will be early Classical Period or Biblical again unless I see something really nice at one of the Bring and Buy stalls.

Competition games are typically played from to points, club games are typically to points. Sign In Don’t have an account? October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Any element in DBM covers the same frontage but at different formation densities. As I get around to completing them, they will be moved to the top of this document. Multiutdinis in your details below or click an icon to log in: Tony also is manufacturing Grumpy Miniatures along with some other items.


Troop scale is not stated specifically, but as a the range of troops in an element ranges from toand the number of figures from 2 to 4, an assumed scale of c 1: Troop scale is not stated bellls, but as the number of troops represented by an element ranges from toand the number of figures used to represent them ranges from 2 to 4, an assumed scale of c 1: DBM expanded on DBA’s definition troop types by function and level of training – defining troops as hellis bladesmen rather than Roman legionaries for example – by adding grades for each and rating them as Regular or Irregular.

The xe lists are designed to produce armies of points in size organized in commands. These tend to occur a little too frequently but, to be fair, they are not a product of the rules as such but more a result of the muptitudinis being used for the major number of ancients tournaments worldwide and therefore receiving more visible play than most other rule sets coupled with an extremely active and ds Internet News Group.

The player can move only the number of blocks of units that have been thrown. Still, it allows for some interesting historical opponents.

Phil Barker had grown increasingly unhappy with the way that those constraints were being used by players to block actions that would in reality multitudknis been possible. At the same time I have included some reference notes and other information about future armies and such.

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De Bellis Multitudinis – Wikipedia

The basic unit of manoeuvre is the element and a number of elements forms a group. Hence he decided on a revision. And this really stretches it forward but as the Russians appeared to be fairly hairy, it fits. Languages Deutsch Edit links. Search Blogs Just another WordPress.