Types of weirs. (a) Masonry weirs with vertical drop. (b) Rock-fill weirs with sloping aprons. (c) Concrete weirs with sloping glacis. Masonry. Types of Weirs. (a) Masonry weirs with vertical drop. (b) Rock-fill weirs with sloping aprons. (c) Concrete weirs with sloping glacis. Lecture structure on pervious foundation- Khosla’s theory-. Design of concrete sloping glacis weir. ❑Weir or barrage is constructed across a perennial river to raise.

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The shutters are dropped down during flood. Sloping glacis if any. To bring the velocity with in the permissible velocities, falls or drops are introduced at suitable locations. The choice between a weir and a barrage is largely governed by cost and convenience in working.

Down stream glacis 4. Uniform Flow at Known Q and y. Well type, Cylinder Falls or Well Syphons. But in case of a barrage, the. It aims to sloing the water level in order to feed the canal.

Tweet Share Share Share Share. The cut off walls are provided at the upstream and downstream end of the floor and at the toe of the weir. A platform is provided on the top of the piers for the facility of operating the gates. When the silt deposition becomes appreciable the gates are opened and the deposited silt is loosened with an agitator mounting on a boat. Auth with social network: The discharge for one notch is computed and the number of notches designed by trial and error method considering full supply discharge and half supply discharge Thus the invert goacis of the cistern be kept od 1.



Design of body wall Design of stilling basin Design of wings, returns. The discharge is computed using the formula: The gates are operated form the top by suitable mechanical device. We think you have liked this presentation. A structure designed to secure lowering of the water surface in a canal and to dissipate safely the surplus energy so liberated, which otherwise scour the bed and banks of the canal Necessity: The water from the under-sluice pocket is made to enter the regulator bays, so as to pass the full supply discharge into the canal.

Streamflow and Runoff The character, amount, and timing of discharge from a basin tells a lot about flow paths within the basin Therefore, important to. Design of drop wall.

Length and depth of cistern are more crucial in this case To provide cushion to destroy the energy of the drop by formation of hydraulic jump. The following are main components: It is a modern fall, a Straight glacis generally with a slope 2: Such a head-works consists of:. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. The jump is held stable on a horizontal platform by means of baffle wall.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. This movement is essential for their survival. Normally, the gates are kept closed.

The nature of the fish varies from type to type. Published by Lance Grime Modified desihn 3 years ago. The hydraulic jump desigh on the glacis causing sufficient hydraulic jump. Bearing capacity of the foundation strata. Now-a-days, the weir is constructed with reinforced cement concrete. This is dummy text. Throat width of drop wall, Linear water way Design of Stilling Basin: The suspended silt goes on depositing in front of the canal head regulator.


A structure which is constructed at the head of the canal to regulate flow of water glaciw known as canal. When the weight of the weir i. Suitable up to 60 cumecs and 1. In this case hydraulic jump does not form, in case high drowning ratio and low falls. In case the hydraulic jump occurs on the glacis the energy dissipation will be incomplete and additional roughening devices such as friction blocks, end sill, deflectors etc.

Down stream expansion 5. The boulders blacis grouted with. There is a limit for the velocity, so that the canal bed can neither be scoured nor silted up.

Selection of Site for Diversion Head Works. These drops can be meters.


Conversion Conversion Emoticon Emoticon. The slope of the country, where the canal system has to run will naturally be steeper than the surface slope the canal system that has to come up. It is a simple fall broad crested weir with high raised sill, The nappe impinges into the water cushion below There is no hydraulic jump and the energy dissipation is brought about by the turbulent diffusion, as the high velocity jet enters the deep pool of water down stream.

Up stream approach 2. Rivers are important source of fishes. Momentum Principles in Open-Channel.