esta é a tese defendida por Allan e Barbara Pease no livro Desvendando os segredos da linguagem corporal. Os autores, profissionais de vasta experiência . 7 abr. Em Desvendando os segredos da linguagem corporal Allan e Barbara Pease esclarecem que 93% da comunicação humana é feita através de. Preview and download books by Barbara Pease, including The Definitive Book of Body Language, Why Desvendando os segredos da linguagem corporal. 9.

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This international bestseller explains everything you need to know about body language, how to read it, and how to put your best self forwards.

It sounds implausible, but body language is easy to pick up and fun to use. How to tell if someone is lying How to make yourself likeable How to get co-operation from other people How to interview and negotiate successfully How to choose a partner.

Desvendando os segredos da linguagem corporal by Allan Pease & Barbara Pease on Apple Books

What people say is often very different to what they think or feel. Leia mais Leia menos. Desvendando os segredos da linguagem corporal. Allan Pease Author Allan Pease is the world’s foremost expert on body language and relationships. He travels the world lecturing on human communication.

Detalhes do produto Formato: Orion 21 de julho de Vendido por: Nice Guy English Edition. The 5 Second Rule: Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes.

Tente novamente mais tarde. This book has been written in an informal way and there are also several illustrations showing gestures and positions, which enable us to understand the content easily.

It is worth it. Body language can be a hard thing to segredoa and employ, especially if you have aspergers like I do. Learning to communicate with peers using any kind of non verbal language was hard for me until I read this book. While I am still socially scared to talk with a lot of people I don’t know, this book did provide insight linguagej what certain gestures mean and what I could be portraying to people without even knowing it.


Lucas Leite’s review of Desvendando os segredos da linguagem corporal

Shortly after learning I have Aspergers, I realized my social skills needed work, so I began reading this and similar books. It’s easy to read, but I found myself taking corpora, time with each page due to how substantial every section is. Even the passages on hands, which I never thought of as too socially important, proved to me how essential handshakes and explanatory gestures can be in interpersonal communication.

This is a must have for anyone interested in social psychology, and an excellent source of info for anyone with social awkwardness. The best book on body language available. I’ve read this book three times and always pick up new insights every time.

Desvendando os segredos da linguagem corporal

After studying this book you’ll be able to read people better no doubt. Of course it takes some practice to really master the techniques you sefredos in this book, and you’ll be a bit overwhelmed and confused at first It’s been over four years since the first time I read this book and I still haven’t memorized all the techniques but I know a lot of them by heart now. What makes it easier is if you’re really interested in body language and find yourself practicing the techniques learned in this book.

With this book you can connect better with people; communicate more effectively, and get across the nonverbal information you really want to convey in a variety of situations, from giving speeches or presentations to being in a job interview. Lot’s of VERY valuable information in this book; highly recommended!


Jenifer Mohammed, Author of Resurrecting Cybele. I have praised this book to my students and anyone interested in body language from the first moment that I read it.

Barbara Pease

It is one of the most comprehensive books on body language that I have ever read. I love that it talks both about body language that is similar across cultures as well as body language, specifically, gestures, that are or can be different from one culture to another.

I teach communication courses and this segedos is always one of the books I put on the recommended reading list. If you want an excellent resource book on body language then this book is well-worth reading. Whether a reader considers this a five-star book or a one-star book depends largely on what your particular needs are.

Lingkagem was a book written for salesmen, with the objective of teaching them how to read people and how to present themselves in order to close a sale. It is not a textbook, so if you’re looking corpogal the latest in scientific research, this book isn’t it.

In an attempt to add more than nodding, smiling, frowning, etc. I’m about half-way through this book I read resource books like this a few pages a day over a period of months and it is exactly what I needed.

The tone is light, not bogged down in academic-style prose, and has already given me several insights and models for character behavior. I consider it a good addition to my reference linhuagem. Formas de pagamento aceitas: Habilitado Leitor de tela: Rastreie seus pedidos recentes.

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