MANUAL IRIS mode). DOWN OPEN: The iris opens when the IRIS dial is turned downward. UP OPEN: The iris opens when the IRIS dial is turned upward. Men. Panasonic AG-DVXB 3-CCD 24p/30p/60i Mini-DV Cinema Camcorder, NTSC . The cam-driven (mechanical) manual zoom ring provides the same smooth. “In the DVXB, you have a tool respected by profes- sional filmmakers around the world. My hope is that this manual enables you to get past the buttons and.

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Use the settings to suit the shooting conditions. Take the following action. Using the setup menus Use the setup menus to change the settings to suit the scenes you are shooting or what you are recording. You can also customize the Auto button by removing When set to infinity, the focal distance is immediately prepared for functions and set Summary of the content on the page No. You can also customize the Auto button by removing When set to infinity, the focal distance is immediately prepared for functions and set.

Connect this unit to a video deck. Light Intensity Adjustments The center of balance is located precisely at the handgrip. As a media study student High-Sensitivity Slow Shutter Cumulative Function The slow shutter function uses image accumulation to enable shutter speeds with frame rates reduced by half or more. Camera Setup Screen Shooting In Auto Mode The AG-DVXB is the improved version of the “A” camera with some 20 new features like a higher resolution viewfinder, Scene Files and Time Code transfer through the FireWire cable, greater power efficiency with newly developed battery pack, more delicate zoom control and more.


Audio dubbing Background music or narration can be added to the images you have recorded on the tape. There are three white balance values to select from one preset and two A and B that you can set and save in memory.

The Remote Control The remote control Insert the battery Push the catch in the direction shown by arrow 1 to remove the holder. The new User File transfer function makes it easy to get uniform image quality from multiple camera-recorders. Return the viewfinder to its original position.

Panasonic AG-DVXB 3CCD 24p Mini-DV Cinema AG-DVXBPS B&H

Insert The Battery User Bits are also provided, letting you record your choice of date, time, frame rate or user data. Playback Functions Screen Adjusting The Hand Strap Transferring Scene Files Records the current time.

Shooting In Progressive Mode Battery characteristics This camera-recorder uses a rechargeable lithium- ion battery that uses its internal chemical reaction to generate electrical energy. Memory Stop Mode Screen displays continued In VCR mode only Video Heads Video Heads Dirty video heads cause partial mosaic-pattern noise or make the whole display bluish on playback. Return the holder to its original position. The assigned functions can then be accessed at the touch of a button.

Use of low-dispersion glass reduces colour aberration and increases resolution, while a multi- coating process minimizes flare and ghosting. You can switch the source for each channel between the built-in microphone, another microphone, or audio equipment connected to the camera. With this dxv100b Auto function, the AG-DVXB gives you the best of both worlds- the speed and ease of automatic operation and the precision of manual control.


I have had access to many different cameras When you turn the zoom ring, you will experience the familiar steady resistance as with familiar 35mm lenses. The only bad thing is that Panasonic removed the time-lapse feature from the b-model that was present in earlier models, but this is largely trivial.

Variable speed search This function enables you to change the playback speed and search for specific scenes. Scene File Screen Dv100b Setup Screen Press the OIS button to turn the function on and off.

Viewfinder Viewfinder This camera has two viewfinders; one is a miniature LCD in the viewfinder and the other is a retractable 3.

Full Screen Viewing – to easily view the user manual without downloading it to your computeryou can use full-screen viewing mode. I own my own production company and this camera has been with me dvz100b day 1. The tape can then be played back or edited using an ordinary DV system.

Great lens, great cinematic look 24pgreat controls, and solid low light performance.

Panasonic AG-DVX100B Camcorder User Manual

Sw Mode Screen I’m an independant filmmaker and bought this camera to shoot my first feature. Now I have it and it was the best choice I have ever made.

Setup Menu List The colors you can get out of this camera are absolutely fantastic.