PDF | The main objective of the presented study was to compare the effectiveness of two standard test procedures for evaluating bus roof. he main objective of the presented study was to compare the effectiveness of two standard test procedures for evaluating bus roof integrity: the dynamic rollover. EUROPEAN TEST METHODS FOR SUPERSTRUCTURES. OF BUSES AND COACHES. RELATED TO. ECE R66 (THE APPLIED HUNGARIAN CALCULATION.

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The direction of action of the active load shall r6 be changed during the calculation. Any structural parts, which are originally in the residual space e. The longitudinal l and transverse t coordinates of centre of gravity shall be determined on a common horizontal ground see Figure A3. Its centre of gravity shall have the same height as the common centre of gravity of those parts which are listed in Paragraph 2.

Crash Analysis of an amphibious bus according to the ECE R66 regulations

GB the safety requirements for bus construction. Residual space Process Methodology Below option was selected for appro proval and agreed with test agency. The engine, power transmission, suspension and an axles were modeled by 1D element.

If the residual space is infringed during the roll-over simulation, the approval shall be refused. Plots or data which show in an appropriate way that the requirements specified in Paragraphs 5.

The Study of Bus Superstructure Strength Based on ECE R66

The contact points between the load application plane and the superstructure shall be defined to ensure an exact load transfer. Whether, or not, the requirements – given in Paragraph 5.

In fact, Matolcsy [6]] collected c the statistics of over rollover accidents, which ch showed the average casualty rate to be 25 pe per accident.

Units of Measurement The units of measurement shall be: The identity of the vehicle type, its superstructure, the tested body sections, the tests themselves and the personnel responsible for the tests and their evaluation. Structural elements which reinforce one or more bays; for example, boxes under seats, wheel arches, seat structures connecting side-wall to floor, kitchen, wardrobe and toilet structures.


Each steered wheel shall be set to its straight-ahead position. A drawing showing the mathematical model of the superstructure, 5.

The Study of Bus Superstructure Strength Based on ECE R66

By using the measured centre of gravity position in the unladen kerb mass condition and considering the effect of the total occupant mass. Manufacturer’s name and address: In most parts of the world, especia cially in Europe, safety requirements are continuo nuously visited to improve passenger safety in buses or coa oaches.


Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The vehicle is repositioned on the four load-cells, with the front wheels chocked to prevent the vehicle rolling forward. In an artificial body section see Paragraph 2. Every door and opening window of the vehicle shall be closed but not locked.

InterRegs: Regulation No. | ECE – United Nations

Tell me more Already a subscriber. Each rigid section of an articulated vehicle may be tested separately or in combination as described in Annex 5, Paragraph 2. This shall be verified at any places of the passenger, driver’s and crew compartment where the residual space seems to be endangered, the exact positions being at the discretion of the technical service.

Initially, this paper overviews the current status of rollover accidents and requirement of UN-ECE Regulation 66 which is aimed to improve the bus structure in wce the rollover crash.

The construction of the tested body sections dimensions, materials, masses, centre of gravity position, construction methods. Buses are the most popular and common passenger vehicle for long distance travel in Malaysia.

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They are consolidated, published in English, and updated on a regular basis. As from 60 months after the date of entry into eece, Contracting Parties applying this Regulation shall grant ECE approvals for new vehicle types as defined in this Regulation only if the vehicle type to be approved meets the requirements of this Regulation as amended by the 01 series of amendments.


FRPRP and glass are included in the model which is an important nt component for structural integrity. A graph showing the various energy distribu ibutions from the rollover simulation of bus structure Fig.

The height of the centre of gravity h shall be determined by tilting the vehicle longitudinally and using individual load-cells at the wheels of two axles. The inclination of the tilting test shell be determined by the equation see Figure A3.

Direction of Roll-over Test The roll-over test shall be carried out on that side of the vehicle which is more dangerous with respect to the residual space.

For testing the articulated exe separately, the single-axle sections shall be attached to an artificial support which keeps them in fixed relation to the tilting platform during its movement from the horizontal to the point of roll-over.

Reference number of detailed drawing showing the residual space used in the approval procedure: The superstructure shall be modelled as a single loaded unit containing deformable PZ’s and PH’s, connected by appropriate structural elements. The vehicle shall be tilted without rocking and without dynamic effects until it reaches unstable equilibrium and commences its roll-over. The wheel supports at the other axles shall be adjusted so that the vertical longitudinal centre plane VLCP of the vehicle shall be parallel to the axis of rotation.

This mass distribution shall express the energy absorbing capability and load bearing capacity of each bay. Strength of Superstructure – Large Passenger Vehicles. The rigid and strength characteristic of bus superstructure were evaluated.

The dist istributed masses were imposed by changing the density of the related region. Residual space is connected to the he high stiffness region on the axle which does notot affect a the structural strength in any manner. For this reason, the Automotive Indian standa dard, Regulation No.