An extended documentation could be found on Enfuse reference manual. Other programs using Exposure Fusion: tufuse and PTGui Pro. The Enfuse reference manual for the most recent version in different formats can be found on (as can that for. enfuse man page. enfuse — manual page for enfuse force COLORSPACE for blending operations; Enfuse uses “CIELUV” for images with ICC-profile and.

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On that site you will find the 3. Naturally, high SNR input data always is welcome. Flash Exposure Series — Directed Lighting. On 8 September the first official version of enfuse has been released together with enblend. This section needs to be updated This is a list of known bugs in the current version as linked ennfuse. Why create focus stacks?

Values in the range of 3 to 7 have given good results on focus stacks.

enfuse (1) – Linux Man Pages

It was written by Dr. Here are some interesting articles: Another difficulty arises from the use of entropy as a weighting function in dark parts of an image, this is, in areas where the signal-to-noise ratio is low.

This is a quick way to blend differently exposed images into a nice output image, without producing intermediate HDR images that are then tonemapped to a viewable image. Smaller apertures — this is larger aperture numbers — increase the DOF and vice versa.

enfuse command man page – enblend | ManKier

The weighted average computation as described above has proven to be widely successful with the exception of one special case: Higher values pick more brighter pixels from the source images, lower values more darker ones.


The technique is described detailed for enblend and it works almost the same for enfuse, with the exception that instead of the initial seam line a mask is created according to the given criteria. Both applications interpret them as binary masks no matter how many bits per image pixel enfuee contain. Watching the output of S an observer on average gains the information.

Enblend and Enfuse only consider pixels that have an associated mask value different from zero. For a list of bugs in previous versions please refer to an older version of this page. We start with the probability function w of the random variable:. Let us use an example to illustrate the problem of relating the sharpness with the local contrast variations. In the next sections we give assistance to starters and rectify several misconceptions about Enfuse. Blend images of different exposures together in order to create a natural looking image with a greater dynamic range.

The Laplacian of Gaussian LoG is an operator to detect edges in an enffuse.

The SDev on the othe hand shines with even the most marginal edges and resists noise quite well. The following subsections describe the concept of weighting and all weighting functions in detail. The impact of these parameters on the final result will not always be clear. If you need something similar check out Entropy Weighting ; entropy weighting works for both RGB and grayscale pictures.

For best quality perform the parameter optimization and the search for the most appropriate mode at the final resolution.

Be aware however that this can be a very slow operation.

Enfuse uses a discrete entuse of k in the convolution with the image. Examples of local analysis windows for the sizes 3 and 5. Do not try to use the version of Enfuse that you downloaded previously – the plugin now requires version 4 or higher of Enfuse. This simplified process often works much better than tonemapping algorithms. Enfuuse is very useful for handheld photos, and it’s an absolute requirement for blending of focus stacks.


The algorithm uses a moving square window, the so called contrast window. The exposure weighting algorithm only looks at a single pixel at a time; the pixel’s neighborhood is not taken into account.

Grayscale pixels are identified with luminance. Other programs using Exposure Fusion: Mac users should should choose either the Mac OS For focus stacks the constrast slider will need increasing.

LR/Enfuse – Blend Multiple Exposures Together in Adobe Lightroom

However, recent versions don’t seem to do that hence it might be useful to specify an arbitrary high number f. Remember that saturation weighting only works for RGB data. Obviously, saturation weighting can only be defined for RGB images, not for grayscale ones! With this flag Enfuse will create the output image mznual the associated alpha tag set, even though the image is really unassociated alpha.

However, saturation weighting is not limited to grayscale mamual. The result is a very natural looking blending of the images. A low number trades off quality of results for faster execution time and lower memory usage. Retrieved from ” http: For small windows the opposite holds true. Blend a series of images for night photography image stacking in order to create an image with a longer exposure than is possible with a single frame.

Some cameras even provide special functions to automate recording exposure series.