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Ensto electrical heating products offer a great combination of impressiivo, flexibility, safety, reliability, energy efficiency and low cost of investment. Add ease of installation and an almost nonexistent need for maintenance — Ensto electrical heating is clearly the smart choice.

The heating solution has a range of effects on the building process and life-cycle as well as on costs and comfort. No wonder electrical heating has become the favored heating system for new single-family homes, as well as, for renovation objects. When professionally considering all technical, cost and usage aspects, electrical heating and Ensto solutions fulfil all the requirements given by the builder and the house owner. Ensto knowhow and technologies are based on demanding Nordic conditions where efficient, economical and reliable heating is very important.

This means building with thicker insulation and energy efficient walls, doors and windows. As a result, the demand for heating in low and passive energy houses decreases, and therefore electrical heating is the easy and cost efficient solution.

Electricity gives you the best adjustability and comfort. Ensto heating solutions offer many possibilities to improve the energy efficiency of buildings at any time. A large warm floor area provides better thermal comfort than heaters. A heating system is a long-term investment, and its reliability is a major comfort factor. Naturally, the choice also has a great influence on energy efficiency.

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endto Before the final decision is made, the following imprewsivo must also be taken ompressivo account: What kind of structural improvements does the building require, and is there a need for better ventilation and air conditioning. Floor structures should be insulated to ensure that the heat flow is directed upwards.

Otherwise, the heat flow will also be directed downwards. This will remarkably improve the energy efficiency of the building.

To plan an efficient heating system, a heat loss calculation is needed for each room. Room specific wattage is the result of the calculation, enabling the right choice of devices. To make a heat loss calculation, the following is the minimum information needed: Underfloor Heating In addition to heat loss, suitable installation spacing must be taken into consideration when designing underfloor heating.

The most common control requirements are temperature according to room usage and purpose, and the possibility to reduce temperature when away. Controlling continuous heating Control systems Continuous heating systems are usually non storage-based. Heating can be planned to respond quickly to changing needs by using thermostats or other control enstto. Continuous heating of a concrete floor is controlled, depending on the room, either solely by floor or as a combination of floor and room temperature.


With highly conductive flooring materials such as clinker, the floor temperature can be the deciding factor. The speed and accuracy of underfloor heating depends on the structure: Slab thickness and flooring material. Control ensgo make it possible to adjust different heating methods using the same devices e.

This enso enables adjusting of the storage heating according to the outside temperature. Nowadays, control systems can be remotely operated e. Temperature reduction can be controlled with any phase V. Electronic thermostats are accurate and silent, which makes them ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.

Mechanical thermostats are less expensive and better withstand network disturbances. They are used in locations affected by severe weather thunderstorms or a low quality electricity supply. When using mechanical thermostats, a slight sound will be heard when the heating is switched on or off. Controlling and adjusting underfloor heating Underfloor heating is a stabile heating method.

The heating power of underfloor heating is directly relative to the temperature difference between the floor and the air. The bigger the difference, the greater the transferred heat.

Underfloor heating is controlled either by a underfloor or combination thermostat. The choice is based on the usage of underfloor heating and the calculation of power losses as well as comfortability.

The following questions will help in choosing the right thermostat: A comfortable level of temperature is reached quickly as most of the energy consumed is transformed into heat. Heaters are suitable for new buildings, renovations, and as an additional heat source.

Common features All Ensto heaters are safe because of low surface temperature and automatic overheating protection. Heaters with electronic thermostats are accurate, energy efficient, silent and give excellent comfort thanks to even heat distribution.

All heaters are made enstk hot-dip zinc coated steel so they do not rust. Heaters impressjvo available in different lengths and heights. Heaters respond quickly to temperature changes caused by other heat sources and have good efficiency, because they primarily heat room air instead of house structures.

The heaters also have a low surface temperature because of the X-shaped heating element.

ENSTO Þilofnar

The heaters can be used as wall mounted or free standing with separate feet. The product family consists of Taso, Lista, Peta and Roti heaters. The following tables are sizing values for reference only. The room area room height 2. Underfloor heating is invisible and has no effect on interior design. A warm floor always feels pleasant.

Solutions for all needs 21 Underfloor heating is suitable for most floor structures and flooring materials as a sole or combined heating solution. Heat storing and the implementation can be either direct, indirect or a combination of both. Underfloor heating and efficient ventilation in damp areas helps reduce the risk of moisture damage.


ThinKit with thermostat Tassu and Tassu S underfloor heating cables Tassu and Tassu S are maintenance-free products for long-term solutions for dry and damp areas. Both Tassu-cables are preterminated twin conductor cables with a PVC-sheath.

Tassu Thin solutions for renovations and thin floor structures Ensto thin solutions, ThinMat and ThinKit, are easy and fast to install directly on top of an existing floor. Products are easy and fast to install with low total costs and are suitable for concrete, stone and clinker and, with certain limitations, for wood, laminate and parquet.

Cable installation depth, surfacing and distance between two cables can also affect the system. Local regulations must be taken into account. Adding underfloor heating is easy when the floor surfaces are being replaced or the whole floor construction is opened in order to improve insulation.

In damp areas new floor constructionunderfloor heating cable is always laid under a waterproofing membrane. The laying distance between heating cables should be 10—20 cm to provide an even surface temperature. Installation spacing can impressibo be calculated based on the following formula: The floor area to be heated is 11 m2 and the selected cable is the Tassu12 with a length of 54 meters. The installation spacing is: This stored heat will transfer into the room during the day.

The concrete impreswivo is heated with heating cables. The heat is transferred to the room creating a comfortable feeling. The heating characteristics are affected by the thickness of the concrete slab, cable installation depth and flooring material.

Ensto heating cables are suitable for both single and two stage casting concrete floors. Storage heating is mostly used in rooms with high heat resistance floor surfaces such as wood, vinyl mats and fitted carpets. Ensure sufficient impresssivo slab mass for partial storage underfloor heating.

Consider if complementary heating is required.

Tassu cable is ideal when using partial storage heating. Correct temperatures To obtain maximum cosiness and comfort, the following floor surface temperatures are recommended: If you have doubts concerning the temperatures, please ijpressivo the manufacturer of the flooring material. Thick wood flooring is a good insulation material.

Heating in concrete structures 24 1. Floor sensor in protective tube 6. Damp enstp if necessary 8. Ceramic tile adhesive 9. Floor sensor in protective tube 8.

Damp proofing if necessary Ceramic tile adhesive Heating cable, Tassu S 5. Crossing the floor joist 7. Floor sensor in protective tube 4.

Grooves for heating cable filled with mineral based filler 6. Filler if necessary 7. Damp-proofing if necessary 9. No glue is needed because the mat is attached easily to the floor surface with a self adhesive mesh.

The laying direction can be varied by just cutting eneto mesh and bending the cable.