The EVA and EVA in the 42U HP G2 Series Rack supports up . HPE / Enterprise Virtual Array Worldwide QuickSpecs in pdf format. EVA) The EVA is also available with an embedded SAN switch for see: One rack may contain two EVA or EVA controllers and a maximum of 18 disk enclosures. The EVA supports a maximum of 18 disk controllers.

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Server, operating system, or application type Server, operating system, or quckspecs type. HP Technology Services continues to be recognized for service and support excellence by customers, partners, industry organizations and publications around the world. HP designed the SVSP with support capability to facilitate remote monitoring and email notification of.

Drive capacities and Drive capacities and. Thin Provisioning of created virtual disks within the domain. URS provides a unique opportunity to allow customers access to storage when they need it, permitting quickspexs to adapt to their changing business needs.

HP Storage Data Migration Service helps you minimize the risk of data loss, threats to data integrity, and. This solution can serve both block and file data concurrently with high availability and scalable performance.

HP deployment helps ensure that your product is installed smoothly, efficiently, and with minimal disruption of your IT and business operations.


Continuous Access will create bi-directional asynchronous data replication remote mirroring between two or more EVA Clusters in. Support Portal The HP support portal provides one-stop access to the information, tools and services you need to manage the daily operations of your IT environment. The EVA Cluster goes further and allows.

AG638B HP Storageworks 12 Bay Disk Enclosure Fiber channel for EVA RAID Arrays

Good news that can also create problems stemming from depending on standard warranties designed to only protect against product defects and some downtime causes. HP Storage Data Migration Service helps you minimize the risk of data loss, threats to data integrity, and avoid productivity-sapping performance slowdowns during data transport.

This total capacity must include the capacity of PiTs and Snapshots of the Thin. If other products such as servers or back-up products are included in the cab a different PDU will be specified if required or can be chosen from a list of appropriate offerings shown in the configuration tool. Vraid0 should be used with care in select application.

The actual configuration may differ depending on the number of disk enclosures chosen and the components being racked with the EVA.

Hp eva8400 quick specs download

Continuous Access copies data online and in real. The EVA sparing protection will utilize available disk space in the disk group and when that is exhausted, the established virtual spare space. Included with the Product Included with the Product.


The drives can then be arranged, using redundant Vraid 1, Vraid 5 or Vraid 6 protection, so that a drive failure will not cause loss of data. To assist the user, Information on the replication environment is presented in a variety of views, including an interactive topology manager that allows each user to select their viewing preference.

Order based on the total capacity of data to be stored in Thin Provisioned Virtual.

HP / Enterprise Virtual Array (QuickSpecs/cpdf)

The following components are available worldwide. The use of asynchronous snapshots may reduce infrastructure costs by allowing.

Your HP storage product includes deployment which helps you improve the productivity of your technical. Included with the basic package, is a set of additional value add features:. Maximum cabinet capacity will vary based available upon U space. Seamless and online, software and firmware upgrade capability.

HP / Enterprise Virtual Array

HP Storage for Oracle hyperlink to: SAN-based zoning is also quivkspecs. China and Japan should order the physical equivalent.

Cluster configurations that do not need Unlimited LTUs.

Thin Provisioning for the EVA Cluster improves efficiency and helps reduce costs by allowing customers to create virtual disks with. Actual formatted capacity quickspwcs less.