This manual is part of the THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES. A little talk at the Executive Toastmasters Club of Makati, Philippines on The Successful Club Series Evaluate to Motivate by ACG-ALB Raju. Evaluate to Motivate. Why Evaluate? Logical. Communication is not a one way process. Did your communication succeed? How could it have been more.

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Evaluate to Motivate | Toastmasters – Riverside, CA

How to Evaluate Effectively Show that you are interested. Going Beyond Our Club. Evaluation transmitted from the audience to the speaker through the use of some easily interpretable cues: The ultimate responsibility lies with the speaker. You are not motivqte on behalf of the audience; in fact, your opinions may differ from those of the rest of the audience.

Evaluation To Motivate

Notify me of new posts via email. Were you moved to action? In these cases it is the evaluators job to do whatever is necessary to get that person back for their next speech.

Presentation link to order Description Digital Content Moments Of Truth How to recognize and deal with situations critical to motivat success. Includes a copy of Distinguished Club Program booklet. Why do we want to become better speakers?


You are commenting using your Facebook account. Encourage group evaluations; the more feedback the better.

Anyone who has spoken before an audience is familiar with some of the basic forms of immediate evaluation. Did the speaker step out from, or hide behind the lectern? Effective evaluations help us all become better speakers. Your main objective as an evaluator is to help the speaker!

From the standpoint of the audiencewe learn from the good example that an effective evaluation presents. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Successful Club Series is a set of minute educational speeches focused on improving the quality of club meetings, with tips on attracting and maintaining members. Evaluations Benefit Speakers In Toastmasters the assigned evaluator provides both immediate written and verbal feedback to the speaker.

After all, we all know that we have areas to work on and we know that we have good skills that can be improved. Great and very helpful article, Monisha.

Burrard Toastmasters – Resources, Evaluate To Motivate

The evaluator talks and the speaker listens. What does it take to receive the Competent Communicator award? When the speaker receives these cues from the listeners, he or she finds the evaluation simple and direct. Finish your comments with positive feedback by describing a meaningful aspect of the performance in terms of its positive effect on you.


How, through your feedback, can they go on to improve their ability to communicate? Other club members may be invited to contribute.

Evaluate to Motivate

In evalaute approach the speaker evaluae able to just listen and focus on what the evaluator is saying. In Toastmasters the assigned evaluator provides both immediate written and verbal feedback to the speaker.

So evaluate and make the speaker motivated. Your listeners have acted as if you failed to communicate, but have offered no suggestions on why or how you could improve! As speakerseffective evaluations benefit us in a few ways. Another form of evaluation is the super critical evaluation where the evaluator says only negative things about the speech and maybe even the speaker.