Right-click and choose “Extract Pages” and follow the prompts. . Some of the documents that cause the “renderable text” error look as if they. Is there an easy way to OCR documents that include renderable text in Adobe Is there a way to get FineReader OCR quality with Acrobat Pro-like PDF output?. If you use PDFMaker to create the PDF instead of plotting to PDF from within AutoCAD, you will get searchable text in the PDF even for text.

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Instead, turn it into a PDF you can edit right away using custom fonts that look just like your printout.

It seems people keep coming up with creative ways to try to prevent people from performing OCR on their documents. If the PDF is searcheable e.

Adobe Document Cloud

That’s when I print to. Not that I don’t like answering questions. I was able to search a large document after following these steps. Need to update a paper document? You don’t have JavaScript enabled.

Exporting/Saving Renderable Text from PDF to te | Adobe Community

How are we to know better than you whether the file has been OCR’d? Cipher October 11, at 7: Linda February 21, at Davo, I tried that method with my version of Acrobat Pro for Windows and, for most of the documents where I had this problem, it would not let me use that workaround. From what I can tell it only copies the image directly from the. This page has graphics other than images or text on it.


Exract problem with that trick is that it often forces two complete re-encodings of the image that comprises the page. When Acrobat opens your scan for editing, it automatically generates a custom font.

Name the files appropriately so you can better judge the results of your experiments.

If the file you get after doing the conversion is garbled, then perform the procedure described in this post and THEN try converting it to a Word document. Robertson February 6, at 8: It seems renferable file I had was encoded with a hidden watermark, and I needed to remove that to OCR it I’m not pirating it or anything – I just had to run OCR because it was terribly done by somebody else, and my iAnnotate highlighter works better with a properly OCRed file.

The reason is that some bits of Extractt are specifically designed to export form fields. By the wording of the message you received, it seems that the “offending” graphic is something that is drawn with vector graphics rather than a raster image.

If you can’t then there isn’t actually any text to save. Grant Robertson February 2, at I just figured out a cheap and relatively easy – if time consuming – technique for stripping out the poorly recognized or intentionally garbled text.


PDF rendered text and OCR issue | Windows Secrets Lounge

After 5 hours of trying to recognize text in a page document only a portion would be recognized I found your post. Thanks for the tip. Also, there is the occasional difficult page: Click here for more information on our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.

If there is nothing in a cell, that means I didn’t think it was worth trying that conversion. The issue is that for some reason, not everything in the document appears to have been OCR’d completely. Thanks for reminding me about that.

The printer driver will open up a “File Save” dialog asking where to save the.

Fix the OCR error Could Not Perform Recognition in Acrobat

If this helps you, please let me know. I had neglected to at least mention it in my post. Just wanted to share, in case anybody else had this variation of the problem.