Phoebe finds herself drawn to Mallory, the strange and secretive new girl at school. Soon the two become as close as sisters until Mallory’s magnetic older. Phoebe Rothschild—yes, of those Rothschilds—dumps her toxic friends for new girl Mallory in seventh grade. Nancy Werlin’s Extraordinary is, at varying points, a fantasy, coming-of-age tale, mystery, thriller and family saga, and I spent some parts of the.

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She assumes Mallory is simply a displaced outcast, an untouchable in her middle school caste system.

Book review: ‘Extraordinary’ by Nancy Werlin | write meg!

A werljn must be repaid by an ordinary girl, a dangerously magnetic man nanxy draw Phoebe to weriln perilous choice, and a friendship will be tested in Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin. I just felt like Werlin was trying to make sure that she herself didn’t get called out for anti-Semitism? As for everything else Notify me of new posts by email. Extraordinary is the next novel presented by Werlin after Impossible. Lucky for me it did grow to be better than I first let it be.

You figure out why pretty quick but just in case you don’t I won’t say anything. There is definitely nothing ordinary about this book. I remember feeling enthralled by Werlin’s Impossibleand I’d hoped this book would give me the same feeling.

Review of EXTRAORDINARY by Nancy Werlin

Surely they can’t keep breaking her like this. It’s high school and the girls are the best of friends. His bargains five extraordinary sons for himself and agrees to give back a future generations Ordinary daughter. I enjoy the world of the faeries and look forward to revisiting their world once again This has to be the oddest book I’ve read all year. Phoebe is nancu a kind-hearted individual, so she decides to make friends with the weird girl in class.

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She was just a perpetual victim and it drove me insane. Sep 06, Pages Young Adult. With really high expectations to be fulfilled, Extraordinary combines a real touch in between a fairy tale.

Obviously, we have a bad influence in your daughter’s life. That is, until the fairies show up. And the ending extraordijary perfect: Extraordijary first I was annoyed by Feeble Phoebe as she was so easily taken in or glamoured by the fairies. Oh you have everything right, why can’t you just SEE it?! Extraordinary is quite impressive.

She wanted us to feel how wrong this was, and the unrealness of it all. You turn on the radio, and it starts up and the intro just keeps going and going and going and That was probably because Mallory and Ryland were faeries. I appreciate Werlin’s creativity and originality, but this part of the plot is just weak and sort of inconsequential.

Alright, that is my annoyed part.

At some point this book passed the point of no return, and there was nothing the characters could do to redeem themselves. I get it, you may not be a financial guru like your mom; maybe you can be a zoologist–an animal whisperer!


We just don’t care. Will she be strong enough to save herself from the curse?


I think that everyone is o At first I didn’t wfrlin have high expectations for this book because many other people didn’t seem to like it, but I disagree with them.

I wish I could say more, but I’m at a loss.

And in the end, when I learned Werlin took her inspiration from Maguire’s Wicked and, more importantly, from the song “For Good”? I haven’t read anything else from this author so I hancy attest to whether this is normal for her or not. There was a problem adding your email address.

EXTRAORDINARY by Nancy Werlin | Kirkus Reviews

Here we have a girl who is rich and nice. I will still read her future books without hesitation, though.

What were you thinking when you made that pact? She was not sure why but she knew that Mallory with her tawdry, unsuitable clothes and her strange behavior would be a good friend to have, much better certainly than the friends Phoebe had previously found. All this stuff works well with the addition of a Faerie bargain.