FedEx tracking provides unparalleled insight into when your package will be delivered. FedEx tracking also allows you to manage your shipments. FedEx® Quick Form, an online electronic air waybill, can be downloaded to facilitate fast, efficient and accurate data entry. FedEx® Intra-Canada Air Waybill; FedEx Ground Bar Code & Labels; FedEx Ground Pickup Record / FedEx Ground Manifest Report. FedEx International.

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Discover the speed, ease and convenience of dropping off your packages at SBC.

Both FedEx Express and Ground service available. Simply create your shipping label online at fedex.

Affix the label or waybill to your package when dropping it off. We’ll be happy to process your Express or Ground service package and create a waybill to attach to the fddex.


Major credit cards and debit cards accepted.

For your package to leave the same day, be sure to drop it off before the driver pickup grouhd below:. Monday – Friday Ground: Worldwide shipping available please remember most countries outside of Canada require 3 copies of a commercial invoice for commodity shipments.

Come see us for FedEx Express shipping supplies — including waybills, pouches, Express Envelopes, boxes and Paks tedex free of charge at our location. Please use your own packaging for Ground shipments. If you missed a delivery attempt by the driver — your package unfortunately cannot be picked up at SBC. We’re an authorized FedEx ShipCenter. For your package to leave the same day, be sure to drop it off before the driver pickup times below: Monday – Friday 8am-6pm.

– Shipper/origin country is not Thermal Air WayBill enabled : Shiptheory Support

Need to talk to someone at Fedex? Call Customer Service at 1.


Please contact FedEx at 1. What our customers are saying. Our demanding customers shipping requirements are met nicely with The Business Centre’s end of day Fedex scheduled pick up. That accompanied with the complimentary staff makes our job that much easier.