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The four Pandavas who were left in the forest set off on a tour of the sacred sites of Ancient India, with the Sage Lomasha as their guide. At a stopover near the historic hermitage that once belonged to Agastya, we are treated to one of the stories about this fabled hermit. I have to confess to skipping a second story, because I simply couldn’t make much mahabharataj of it. While it tangentially involved Agastya, it also involved King Sagara, whose wife gave birth to a pumpkin and he was advised to The Sage Markandeya continues with his storytelling.

He begins with his own version of the Four Ages or Yugas.

Mahabharata Related Works in Malayalam

malayalxm One interesting point malayakam that in his reckoning, the Kali Yuga lasts 1, years in total. Since we are told elsewhere that the Kali Yuga began for us on the death of Krishna, then the Kali Yuga must have ended centuries ago, and we happy people have made it into the next Golden Age!

After an apocalyptic vision of the future, Makandeya gives us the Tale of the Frog, which culminates in News of Kicaka’s death reaches the neighboring kingdoms, and precipitates an attack from the Trigartas and the Kauravas.

Virata sends his entire force against the Trigartas and leaves the rest of the country open for the Kuru’s sneak attack. Kanka, Balava and the twins are all recuited into the army, but Brhannala is left at home. Thus, it is up to the young crown prince and the eunuch to rescue the kingdom from invasion. As they are riding out to meet the Kurus, the 13th year of exile comes to The Battle Books, but not the battle, begin here.

Since we are at the second most important beginning of the epic, aside from the very beginning, there is a lot of unnecessary material stuffed into the narrative. I tried my best to make sense of it, and to leave out the voluminous malayzlam that had nothing to do with the story at hand.

I also tried to iron out the repeated descriptions of the armies’ dispositions, and the scene of the two sides lined up prior to battle.

This is one of the most Sanjay’s mission clearly did not accomplish much, so this time Krishna offers to go to Hastinapur as the Pandavas’ chief negotiator.

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When the Kauravas hear he is coming, Dhrtarastra plans on bribing him, while Duryodhana hopes to imprison him. He also visits with the Pandavas’ majabharatam widowed mother Kunti, whom he tries to console.

Surprisingly, Kunti blames her father for all her suffering. Kunti’s father, Sura, was It is the morning of the first day of battle. Already Krishna has revealed his great song to Arjuna, and now there are some final formalities, as Yuddistira runs to his elders on the enemy side for their blessings.

Krishan tags along and tries to tempt Karna over to the Pandava side, just until Bhisma is dead.

It must have been tempting, since it would have given him the chance to even kill the old bugger. But Karna is too loyal to go for such an under-handed thing. He turns Krishna down During the course of this, Arjun is granted mahavharatam sight, and is able to catch a glimpse of Krishna’s true appearance; it nearly blows his mind.


Getting back to Arjun’s original question– Does Arjun’s Dharma really require him to kill his relatives and gurus? It seems like a lot of Krishna’s teaching is addressed to posterity, because advice to meditate more often isn’t Vyasa finishes his comforting storytelling, and then vanishes, leaving it up to Yuddistira to deal with breaking the news to Arjun that his son is dead.

Arjun comes home expecting a party, only to find the camp in mourning over the loss of his son. He responds by swearing to kill Jayadratha by sunset tomorrow. The Kauravas find out about his oath and hastily make plans to keep the prince safe long enough for Arjun’s vow to fail. That is all it will take to get the Pandava out of the war! This is the final installment of the “Krishna Episodes”, where I’ve covered Krishna’s back story up to and beyond the point when the Pandavas met mahabharatsm in Panchala.

There are still some interesting details in the Bhagavata Purana which I want to compare with later events in the Mahabharata, so I’m not completely malaaylam with that book, but for the upcoming episodes, mahabaratam get back to the Mahabharata and see what the Pandavas do next. The Pandavas range the Four Directions and conquer the world, bringing home mountains of treasure. Soon after, the Rajasuya Sacrifice commences. Krishna is given the top honor among the guests and this causes a tumult of disgruntled kings and nobles.

They point out the problem that has become apparent in the story, which is that Krishna is a nobody in terms of societal ranking. He’s a former cowherder from a caste of shudras who claims his father is a prince alas, there were no witnesses to Krishna, Rajasuya, Rukmi, Rukmini, Sishupal. We follow Arjun’s journey into the Himalayas and beyond.

This episode malayalaj Arjun’s famous battle with the Mountain Man. He doesn’t come out of the fight very well– Shiva crushes him into a meatball and ends the fight. I like to think that he killed Arjun and then revived him and sent him on to Heaven, but the text is a bit vague; did he just get crushed, lose his eyesight and cease breathing?

Or did he go all the way and die on us? Either way, he’s sent off to his dad’s kingdom up in Indra, Mountain Man, Shiva. While Arjun remains in heaven, relaxing with his father Indra, news reaches the Kaurava court of Arjun’s exploits. Dhrtarastra then has one of his bouts of regret while Sanjay scolds him for being so stupid.

We then cut over to the rest of the Pandavas, who are still living off the dirt in the foothills of Dehra Dun. Bhima is ready to chop off some heads and he takes his frustration out on his elder brother. The sage Brhadashva then shows up with a story of a king who actually had it worse off A few more stories from Bhisma’s final teachings.

We learn that Vyasa had a son, named Mmahabharatam, who really did not seem to be pleased to be born. And Bhisma himself tells us what he really thinks of Buddhist philosophy!

Mahabharata Podcast

Buddhism, Janaka, Mithila, Suka. We begin the Book of Peace, the Shanti Parva. Now the Dharma Raja has learned that he killed his own brother– aside from killing one’s parents, perhaps one of the worst things a person could do.


The brothers spend a month outside in the city walls as a sort of penance, and are joined by the great sages of the ancient world.

Karna, Parashurama, Rama Jamadagnya. The Dark Age is now unquestionably upon us.

The elder Kurus, living austere lives in the forest, found themselves consumed by a forest fire of their own creation. Let this be a lesson to all you Hindu campers out there to douse your sacred campfires!!

This story alone is deserving of an extended treatment, but we only get a sketchy account of how things went down. With the death of the This episode is about Krishna’s spectacular entry into international politics. Having established his manhood by cuckolding the entire tribe of cowherders, Krishna returns to Mathura to get his revenge on Kamsa.

Killing Kamsa has repercussions, however, because Kamsa had a powerful ally in King Jarasandh. Krishna ends up killing more than million soldiers as he defeated 17 armies raised by Jarasandh and an 18th army belonging to the Black Greek. You’d think there were no soldiers left in Kamsa, Krishna, Balaram, Ugrasena. The continuing adventures of the Pandavas in the forest.

The story picks up with Maitreya’s curse and angry departure from the court at Hastinapur. Dhrtarastra, apparently tired of all the dire predictions decides it is time for a fight scene, and asks Vidur to tell the story of Bhima and Kirmira.

Vidur then recites the battle scene as Bhima kills another Rakshasa. We then move back to the forest where a meeting of the Pandavas’ allies is taking place, Krishna among them. While Krishna is still hanging out at the camp, the sages Narada and Markandeya show up.

After some prodding, Markandeya finally opens up and gives us his take on reincarnation, sin and the afterlife. He follows that up with two stories about Brahmins, and then gives us his rendition of the Fish, Manu, and the Flood.

I also present my theory that the five Pandavas are somehow correllated with the five extremities of the human body. Yuddistira is clearly the head, while Bhima is associated with Vaisampayana begins telling the Mahabharata, beginning by telling us that Vyasa spent three years daily working on the poem. Following that, we hear about the Fishy-Fragrant Satyavati and Vyasa’s birth. Mahabharata, Satyavati, Vaisampayana, Vyasa.

The Pandavas send away their hangers-on, and enter hiding at the kingdom of the Matsyas, in the service of King Virata. Things go well for the first 10 months, but then the king’s brother-in-law gets smitten with the Queen’s new serving girl.

Kicaka takes his infatuation a little too far, and Bhima ends up restoring her virtue the hard way. By the end of this ordeal, everyone is terrified of Draupadi and her Gandharva husbands. King Virata is so frightened of her that he sends the queen to beg We finish the story of Nala. Brhadashva suggested that this story would cheer up the Pandavas, since there was indeed gree king who had it worse than they.

But shortly after hearing the story, they get news that Arjun was up on a mountain top starving himself and they were once again plunged into depression and hopelessness.