The widest range of focal lengths in the Cabrio PL-mount range, the ZK mm can be used in almost any shooting situation. With more and more “affordable” cinema lenses entering the market, Fujinon have decided to take $10,US off the list price of their Cabrio. Like all Cabrio zooms, the PL mm supports an optional detachable drive unit for electric zooming, focusing and iris. Mounting the unit enables remote.

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It has a flange focal distance adjustment, so you can manually adjust the back-focus of the lens in the field. Want more from Newsshooter?

In the end, it gives a slightly cooler look to skin tones. The mm in particular has been a hugely successful lens for Fujinon, and can be found in just about any rental house.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. There is also a switch that allows you to disengage the motors to operate the lens manually, or you can fully remove the servo unit and use the lens on its own.

Yet even shooting full frame, this lense did surprisingly well. The addition of the servo unit turns this cinema lens into the perfect ENG lens.

It has a flange focal distance adjustment, so you can manually adjust the back-focus of the lens in the field. I bought the lens without the servo and never missed having motors. In the end, it gives a slightly cooler look to skin tones. We tested the geometry of the lens by shooting the resolution chart and examining the outer box that lines the chart. Fujinon recently released the Cabrioan economical version of their popular Cabrio Compact Lenses.


Here, we can see subtle shifts in exposure across the image. I use this lense on a Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro, whose sensor is significantly larger than the rated image circle of the Fujinon.

Vignetting is there if you look for it, but for practical purposes this is no problem. Click here to download larger reference images. Download full resolution screen captures of all T-stops here.

The second test was at the pool table, at the wide and tight end of the lens.

The first is in the interview frame at both 35mm and 50mm. The minimum focus of the is 3. The color is neutral, with a slight green tint.

Rated 5 out of 5 by GPC from Solid focal range, great build and price point.

Behind the Lens: Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm Zoom

By watching the columns on the right side of the frame, you can see that there is noticeable scaling in the image as we rack from background to foreground at both focal lengths. When looking at the scopes, you can see on the vectorscope that the color leans towards green, and on the RGB Parade waveform, the green channel is as saturated as the red channel.

A removable lens support is included with the lens. The lens has no edge brightness falloff and is incredibly sharp, probably the sharpest lens we tested.

Behind the Lens: Fujinon Cabrio mm | Tutorials & Guides | Blog & Knowledge | AbelCine

The Fujinon ZKmm T2. From Image Plane 2.

Best Audio Product Of was a busy year like every year for gear release The Fuji Cabrio fits that need very well. Technologies A technology company, Fujifilm is engaged in a wide variety of endeavors. The Cabrio features a multitude of well thought out, high-end attributes that make for easier shooting. Premier PL Cabrio 4K lenses offer uncompromising quality and an unprecedented level of flexibility. The color of this lens is a neatly identical match to the Included with the lens is a mm clear protection filter that helps to protect the front of the lens.


The minimum focus is nothing to write home about, but there is a macro setting when you need to get that specific shot. This item is noncancelable and nonreturnable. You can truly feel fujinkn working with all of these lenses in conjunction with each other, as well as on their own. You can also see how the flares look in scene here: On top of that, cabril center of gravity seems a bit forward, which accentuates the perception of weight when shooting on your shoulder.

The lens is also fully smart, so cameras that read lens data will capture focus, iris and zoom data. The flares are beautiful, colorful, abstract and cinematic.

Be the first to review this item. Wide open at T3.

Fujinon drop $10,US off their Cabrio 4K PL Compact Lenses – Newsshooter

Just make sure you rig for it, and make sure you feed your rig enough light. Sandwiched between the iris and the back focus adjustment is a knob that engages the macro focus. At the very end of the trail are two conical elements blue in color, with tiny, pinpoint-sized elements along the trail itself. The lens rings are incredibly smooth and well dampened, making operation a pleasure.

T22 Iris Blades 9 Gear Pitch 0. Write a review audrbbattuttwtevuyszaw. The xk is a class act in this regard also.