The Big Idea: Roger Highfield explains why Garrett Lisi, the surfer who drew up a ‘theory of everything’ to explain the universe, is a great role. In November of , physicist Garrett Lisi published an online paper entitled “An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything.” Lisi spent much. Garrett Lisi has a new paper, “An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything.” Many people seem to think that I should have an opinion about it.

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Yet, they swallowed the kool-aid on such varied things as subprime mortgages and on why invade Iraq. Theor least, they seem like potential loopholes to me; someone who knew more about the representation theory involved could probably complete the proof pretty quickly.

Thus, it is not a vector-like theory. One thing we know for sure, it will definitely not be as the TOE.

His take on it rested on an extraordinary mathematical object called E8, a complex shape described by a pattern of points in eight dimensions, with a structure that, lsi written out as an everythinb in tiny print, would cover an area the size of Manhattan. He was so attractive a figure that TV companies lined up to film him and literary agents scrambled to sell the story of his struggle to comprehend the cosmos. It matters not the context in which you do this.

I am glad you continued. Peer review angle at Freedom of Science. If we could have stuck to a serious discussion we might have gone further. Even ignoring the condescending tone, this seems to me sloppy and makes me cautious about accepting his conclusions about other things without checking.

Why keep doing it? Garibaldi did the math to disprove the theorywhich involves a mysterious structure known as E8. Sometimes a symmetry is spontaneously broken, but then the commutation relations are still valid; some of the generators are then non-linearly realized. Three previous arXiv preprints by Lisi deal with mathematical physics related to the theory.

Research concludes there is no ‘simple theory of everything’ inside the enigmatic E8

Newton’s third law dictates that forces between interacting particles are equal and opposite for closed systems. These comments do not form an internally everyyhing collection of beliefs. The schematic division of theories into good and wrong one doesn’t work well here.


That kind of pressure egerything well be hard to handle. From a skim of the paper and conversation on Backreaction, it seems that the way this is dealt with is not new, though not without controversy. Second that the construction Lisi gives of fermions arising from certain pieces of the adjoint of E8 do not give rise to chiral reps in the senses that you use it after gargett spontaneous symmetry breaking.

I regreted having to write what I did above, but my choice was either to dissappear or do that.

Sadly, I have heard remarks like this very often. In a world where the internet can quickly provide personal information I think having a pseudoynm is perfectly appropriate. In a professional atmosphere there is a lot to talk about and examine, for those who judge it worthwhile to put the time in, but that is not what happened here.

Although his paper was not peer-reviewed, and Lisi himself commented that his theory was still in development, the idea ilsi widely reported in the media, under attention-grabbing headlines like “Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything.

Collins Recent Articles Projects in Profusion: As so often, constructive criticism requires more effort than the destructive sort. This disagrees with what is stated in the above paper, by the omission of a single bar. I see no reason why good physicists are exclusively found with the type of personality you describe. Not the heat; the ad nauseam discussion of the heat, its validity, etc, the minutiae of netiquette — all of which is really a solved problem, the answers are known, though sadly rarely applied.

Yeah, any idea should stand or fall on its own, the repeated references to string theory are tacky, and also a pretty good warning sign… To amused and othersI am still not sure what one can do in this situation. Just curious, Peter, but do you have anythinganything whatsoever to contribute, vis-a-vis the substance of this debate?

Did Garrett Lisi Have a Wipeout?

The MSSM is sufficient, but not necessary to complete grand unified theories to give a unification of gauge couplings. That the landscape implies no predictions may be a gross exaggeration.

What is sure so far is that the experimentation is just at the beginning and we could all be surprised by the discovery of a guy that one day, instead of hitting the waves, decided to stay home writing on a notebook some formulas that most of us cannot understand. In fact I did not see his post before writing mine. Unlike some of the more complicated efforts to devise a theory of everything, this one should either succeed relatively rapidly or fail spectacularly.


I was in the middle of writing up the paper when I visited PI, a fantastic nerd heaven. Essentially everyone in this comment thread has managed to be some combination of whiny, obnoxious, incorrect, disingenuous, unhelpful, and plain old embarrassing.

My apologies if I came off as bullying. Unfortunately the only link between these universes is Nothing.

Surfer dude’s theory of everything: the magic of Garrett Lisi – Telegraph

The story spread, fast. Using linear algebra and proving theorems to translate the physics into math, Garibaldi and Distler not only showed that the formulas proposed in Lisi’s paper do not work, they also demonstrated the flaws in a whole class of related theories.

I like to follow physics blogs because very often there are insightful physics arguments evwrything discussions everyyhing in the middle of useless personal attacks. But perhaps I should not have made such presumptions.

As an outsider I have the luxury of viewing the progress of science on long time scales. In any case, I dream of the day when we can talk to each other on blogs with humility, as friends. One of the great thing to me at least in principle with physics is that in principle it is based on the idea of cooperation that is cooperation to share our ideas, with the common goal of describing and understanding reality and Nature; the arXiv is a great example of thatin contrast with our capitalist gaerett which is based on the idea of competition.

The relevance of the reality of the representation when written this way is that a real representation allows a gauge invariant mass term whereas a complex one does not.

Archived from the original on 26 May Earlier you pointed me to a posting by Bee on this precise topic where she was quite positive about the use of a pseudonym as compared to anonymous postings.