GfG’s safe G Gas Multi-Gas Detector is a rugged, compact instrument for simultaneous detection of up to 6 gases. G GfG Instrumentation Multigas Detector is the most compact, rugged, easy to use, with the widest range of sensor options available with a Lifetime Warranty. For Your Safety. Like any piece of complex equipment, the GfG G will do the job it is designed to do only if it is used and serviced in accordance with the.

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From green to orange to red, the tricolor display is intuitive and incredibly user friendly. Specific toxic substances such as benzene, butadiene, hexane, toluene, xylene and many others are reliably detected. In addition, a circumferential LED strip flashes b460 the respective colour.

Microtector II G460

For power supply, either batteries ffg rechargeable batteries can be used. The mobile test station TS and automatic test and calibrating station DS are the ideal supplements to save money, time and efforts. The large, high resolution topmounted display can be flipped gfy by pressing two buttons, allowing measurements to be easily read while the detector is being worn on a belt, pocket or lapel.

Innovative easy-to-read displays and alarms The large, easy-to-read, three-color display changes color to indicate the severity of the alarm; the backlight color changes from from green for “OK” to orange or red for an alarm.


A high performance audible alarm is also in noisy environments louder than any other ambient noise. This multi-faceted system is sure to alert users and those nearby of the potential hazardous conditions. The durable G continuously measures f460 displays readings for up to six gases at the same time. G Multi-Gas Detector The G Multi-Gas Detector is a compact and robust system with the capabilities of detecting up to six different gases and simultaneously displaying the readings.

Furthermore, the expected sensor life of a GfG infrared sensor corresponds to the expected service life of the gas detector. Thus, you can arrange your GfG gas detector to fit your exact requirements.

Microtector II G – GfG: Gesellschaft für Gerätebau mbH

Apart from operation in normal diffusion mode, the gas detector can optionally be equipped with the electrical g60 GMP2. The multi-gas detector also features the widest range of sensors on the market. Compact and rugged design The durable G continuously measures and displays readings for up to six gases at the same time. Do you have such an instrument. Thus in the medium-term, there is no need to replace used-up or contaminated electrochemical sensors. The wear-free and extremely durable GfG infrared sensors considerably reduce your future expenditure gvg maintenance and replacement of sensors.

The drop-in cradle charger fully charges a depleted battery pack in less than 4 hours. The G carries a lifetime warranty on nonconsumable components and a two-year warranty on consumable components.

Their operating time is up to 30 hours. In case of gas hazard, the display changes its colour — depending on the hazard level — like a traffic light to green, orange or red. Alarm activations gas thresholds and stored permanently in the internal memory. The detector is inserted into the drop-in charger and the functions are available immediately.


This ensures an easy reading of the measurement values even in difficult situations and both hands are kept free. The G automatically stores complete results for the most recent 55 hours of monitoring. With the help of the charging tray, the battery packs can be charged comfortably. The unit also features easy calibration operation.

GfG – G Multi Gas Detector

The display feature can also flip or zoom with the touch of a button. For smooth and continuous operations, the G Multi-Gas Detector uses interchangeable alkaline and rechargeable battery packs that provide up to vfg hours of continuous operation.

An innovative alarm system has been developed to reliably warn of possible gas hazards. Microtector II G has a robust casing.

We can do either but I just wanted to ask to make sure. Due to the high-class rubber coating, the device is extremely shockproof and water resistant IP The detector will then store the dates of the three most recent calibrations for each sensor.

The complete user interface can provide access to advanced setup options with three buttons.