Goethean science questions the objectivity of the observer in the discovery of knowledge. Different from the modern scientific method we are. SCHUMACHER COLLEGE An International Centre for Ecological Studies Exploring Goethean Science at Schumacher College by Natasha Myers Schumacher. It was originally published as introductions to Goethe’s Natural-Scientific Works in Kürschner’s Deutsche National Literatur, edited by Rudolf Steiner, with.

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For Goethe, the production of new knowledge is inseparable from a Geschichte des Denkens und Begreifens, a history of thinking and conceptualization.

Goethe’s particular way of doing science is interesting, because it is was opposite the mechanistic and reductionistic paradigms of his contemporaries such as Newton and Laplace. This is possible because part of ourselves lives in the plant and part of the plant lives in us.

For Goethe, the ultimate aim of science was two-fold, both increase to the database of human knowledge; second, as a method for the metamorphosis of the experimenter. The Collected Works, Vol.

What is Goethean Science?

Goethe’s science was not well received. By Joseph Karl Stieler — Transferred from nds. Steiner hoped to relate the human sphere with all of Nature scirnce the arts; including, the art of Goethean Science. Physical study can include detailed botanical drawings. He went to an Anglican boarding school and then took biology at Cambridgestudying “life” by killing animals and then grinding them up to extract their DNA.

The Nature Institute promotes a truly ecological understanding of the living world: Goethean Science – short intro. About the end of the eighteenth century fruitful suggestions and even clear presentations of this or that part of a large evolutionary doctrine came thick and fast, and from the most divergent quarters.


Yet there need be no incompatibility here. At the same time, the rational-empirical model based on the predominance of mentative thinking German: What is Goethean Science?

Goethean Science

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Biology Worthy of Life. The plant forms which surround us were not all created goehhean some given point in time and then locked into the given form, they have been given… a felicitous mobility and plasticity allowing them to grow and adapt themselves to many different goetheqn in many different places. This old German’s 18th century vision of “holistic science” appealed to the young Brit very much.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Goethean science questions the objectivity of the observer in the discovery of knowledge.

His contributions are variously acknowledged. Riegner suggests that the time is ripe for revival of this concept, if only it is understood correctly.

What is Goethean Science?

The ultimate goal is to arrive at a moment where you can distinguish what impressions come from yourself and what impressions come directly from the plant. While arranging material phenomena in logical linear sequence is a valid scientific method, it had to be carried out under a correct and humanistic organizing idea Bacon’s lumen siccumitself grounded in Nature, or natural law often boundaried by multiple, lawful pairs of polarity. However, it is in its practical use that the approach to phenomena has goetnean potential to change the way we, for example, interact with the land, teach science or develop our human potential.

Do Frogs Come From Tadpoles? In his essay “The experiment as mediator between subject and object”, Goethe developed an original philosophy of sciencewhich he used in his giethean. Whereas what I meditated on was phylogeny – the evolution of the lineage. The plant can also be tasted and one can learn directly from their physical experience of the plant.


Sinnstarted by Descartes and advanced most notably in France, was leading to confusion and doubt rather than clarity. Reidel Publishing Company, Dordrect A collection of academic papers in the history and philosophy sicence science.

The Giraffe’s Long Neck: Five arts was Goethe’s method of transmuting his observation of human nature into sharable form. By taking small groups of international visitors, local village children and school kids for interpretive walks in the bush with three habituated African Elephants we try to achieve what you have managed to do very nicely with words in your booklet. Immanuel Kant in Prussia undertook a major rescue operation to preserve the validity of knowledge derived via reason scienceas well as of knowledge going beyond the rational mind, that is of human liberty and of life beyond simply an expression of ‘the chance whirlings of unproductive particles’ Coleridge.

They are of particular interest in that they show how his spiritual science, rooted in the Goethean approach, feeds back again into the study of Natural Gosthean. Every creature is its own reason to be.