“GURPS Gun Fu has everything you need for action-packed cinematic GURPS gunplay: A description and explanation of what the gun fu genre is and how to. Rules · Subscriptions · Bookmarks · Search · Account · Moderators. RPG Item: GURPS Gun Fu» Forums» House Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options. GURPS 4e – Basic Set – , , M. [ ], GURPS 4e – Basic Set GURPS 4e – Gun , , M. [ ], GURPS 4e.

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Particularly in Season 9, which shows that the Freelancer agents were experts at this sort of combat. GURPS Monster Hunters would also benefit from cinematic gunplay; it brings high-powered heroes to bear against the threats that lurk in shadows.

The Game Mod Double Action: The product found its market in eager young gunslingers raised on a steady diet cu trideo action flicks.


It’s a very rules light, narrative based system, so don’t go into it expecting any crunch. Gnu Starrk, a character in Bleach shows he has these skills when his twin automatic pistols come out. While pistols are the most common weapon, it can also be done with anything else you could reasonably consider a firearm – Uzis, the Sawn-Off Shotguneven rocket launchers, as long as you hold it in your hands and fire it. The males focus more on combining their kicking attacks gyrps gunplay, while the females are more about combining gunplay with their Armed Legs and Gun Blades.

Notably the martial arts style only grants a reduced penalty to firing guns from -3 to -1 while in melee range as well as a bonus 1 to Dodge melee. gutps


GURPS Gun Fu | House Rules | Forum | RPGGeek

The GURPS Action series zooms in on the world of the summer blockbuster, where might makes right, doing your job with style is the whole of the law, and the speed fi is just a suggestion. Total Overdosea Robert Rodriguez homage, becomes progressively more Gun Fu oriented as maximum adrenaline increases.

And she’s 10 years old. Conker’s Bad Fur Day has a chapter that’s a parody of The Matrixallowing Conker to do some awesome mid-air flips and somersaults while gunning down enemies in slow-motion. Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators. Justice’s weapons are a pair of six-shooters while Afro’s father wields the BFS that Afro wields ugn the present.

Also I’d like to propose Shadowrun. Resources Find the right game for you! All over the place in the fight between Mami and Homura in Rebellion.

The martial arts discipline Krav Maga as taught to Israeli special forces can integrate a rifle or pistol into your attacks. Plus it’s got the interplanetary travel thing ready to go if you want to lean heavy into the Cowboy Bebop side of things.

Gun Kata/Martial Arts RPG in a more modern setting? : rpg

You don’t believe me do you? Stars Without Number Revised dropping the psychic class or swapping it for whatever Labyrinth Lord Class you want and all the sci-fi weapons and armors along with first edition Martial Arts Supplement.

Over 50 new perks for stylists. Valmet and Karen Low of Jormungand, episode 7 especially. At one point she more or less flies down a narrow hallway, gunning down mooks, reloading from her belt, gunning down mooks, reloading by flinging the clips into the air and catching them with her gun, then gunning down more mooks before running out of bullets. His “True to John Woo” entry, Icarusfeatures two guys who blast it out with mooks in classic Heroic Bloodshed style in a church.

  2N5551 SOT23 PDF

Dozens of new shooting techniques. This is a setting where Gun Fu can be practical as a preferred combat style. Rule of Coolthat’s why!

Submit a new link. They are both free for one thing. Has roots in Wuxia.

Also the first extension support Martial Arts gun kata being one of those. Worlds in which hand to hand combat and gunfire just sorta coexist together and lots of people getting into sweet brawls that sometimes have guns or modern ranged weapons involved and sometimes don’t. Below are some clips and examples of scenes that showcase the kinda feel I am going for, especially the Bladerunner clip.

You will have to tweak or pull out some of the more space-centric Foci, but that depends on how Cowboy Beboppy you’re aiming for. In a Meta manner, while it doesn’t influence your visuals, ‘Dexterity’ ggurps an extremely useful stat to have with any range powers. The skills are all generic verbs so that they can be used regardless of the setting or time period.