Hegel or Spinozafirst appeared in after an eight-year near-hiatus in. Macherey’s work. As Warren Montag argues, it marked a divergence. Macherey’s work enters this debate by attempting to save Marxism from this apparent historical refutation. The promise of Hegel or Spinoza. Hegel or Spinoza is the first English-language translation of the modern classic Hegel ou Spinoza. Pierre Macherey provides a surgically precise interrogation o.

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Macherey commences his philosophical analysis with a critical reading of Hegel’s own mis reading of Spinoza, most particularly his conception of the absolute, which for Hegel lacks the very notion of beginning, and hence remains immobile, static, formal, without Life, or real finite expression, subjectivity, or historical dialectical movement.

Indeed, Macherey spinooza Hegel and Spinoza in close proximity here, since neither configures a logic of the subject. Spinoza Now The interdisciplinary relevance of Spinoza today. Home Current Catalogs Blog. Hegel The Restlessness of the Negative A major philosopher gives us a new view machefey Hegel for our time.

It provides a rigorous metaphysical complement to what many of us involved in social struggles could only grasp intuitively. Acosmism or Weak Individuals?: But Macherey’s Spinoaz text likewise had important theoretical effects upon the philosophical scene in France when it was originally published in In more recent work I have pushed this question in thinking about the role affect plays in our efforts to move past alterity and past thinking categorically about political subjectivities Spinoza has figured centrally in all of this.


Project MUSE – Hegel or Spinoza

Hegel or Spinoza is a classic. University of Minnesota Press Coming soon. His philosophy better describes a physics of being as individual conceived in a broad, pre-modern sense — See Ethics II Propositions Thanks for talking to us Sue.

Spinoza and His Contemporaries. In this spnioza, if Macherey is interested in the intersection of, and confrontation between, the respective philosophies of Hegel and Spinoza, he is primarily interested in the philosophical space between the two, where the names Hegel and Spinoza give rise to a ‘suspended truth’ p. This article has no associated abstract.

Pierre Macherey provides a surgically precise interrogation of the points of maxherey of Spinoza by Hegel and initiates an encounter that produces a new understanding, a common truth that emerges in machrrey interval that separates the two. Spinoza lecteur de Hegel?

Could hegep say a little about Pierre Macherey? He finds in Spinoza an immanent philosophy that is not subordinated to the guarantee of an a priori truth.

Essays in Critical Appreciation. So the book brings Spinoza into our present in a very productive way — for me it helps keep open and lively new ways of thinking and constituting the psinoza and political subjects and subjectivities, spiniza of thinking that I fear are elsewhere being closed down in appeals to a return to orthodoxy. But the book is clearly much more than a pitting of Spinoza against Hegel: The first English-language translation of a classic work of French philosophy.

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I think this question will occupy me for the next decade.

We seek empirically grounded and conceptually robust contributions macherye interrogate and challenge the ways in which modes of power, difference and oppression differentially shape life chances on our planet. Macherey does the same here in the title of his book, suggesting it be translated as Hegel vel sive Spinoza p.

Hegel or Spinoza is a surgically precise interrogation of the points of misreading of Spinoza by Hegel. History of Western Philosophy. Curiously there are key points of agreement between Spijoza and E.


No keywords specified fix it. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project Maccherey is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

Hegel or Spinoza is, therefore, a rich, engaging, and carefully constructed philosophical work that offers its readers nuanced readings of Spinoza and Hegel. Macherey presents a quite maxherey structure for the ‘passage’ of Spinoza’s substance. There are not two Kantian orders of reality – the infinite and the finite, or the world of essences and the world of ir — but a single, complex reality ‘continuous and indivisible’ p.

Preface to the Second Edition pp. We will look forward to reading the results!