Herman Wouk Is Still Alive has ratings and 30 reviews. Ruth said: (Collected in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams)An excellent story, but bleak and depress. “Herman Wouk Is Still Alive”. Once again, Stephen King is working with his thematic obsessions, refining as he goes. His late 90s/early 00s fascination with. “Herman Wouk is Still Alive” is a short story by Stephen King that was published in the May issue of the Atlantic, released on 19 April Story “Herman Wouk.

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Wiuk New posts Search forums. What’s new New posts Latest activity. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Herman Wouk Is Still Alive. Thread starter king4aday Start date Feb 25, Tags bazaar of bad dreams.

New to the board or trying to figure out how akive works here? Check out the User Guide. The message board is closed between the hours of 4pm ET Thursday and 8: As always, the Board will be open to read and those who have those privileges can still send private messages and post to Profiles. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Apr 22, 53 It has been a while since I have posted but I am currently knee deep in the dark with The Bazaar It took dang near five times to get the spelling of that word correct.

And then I look up and see it at the top of the screen. Anyway, I just finished the Herman Wouk story and was particularly blown away by the dialect switch from Brenda and Jazz’s parts to the wou.

I may be getting owuk in my old age, but man, was that a cliffhanger of a story? I was in the middle thinking, ‘Wow! It is herrman my fav so far but I am going a bit further in, up to my armpits next and finish out the rest of these gems.

Herman Wouk Is Still Alive

Who knows it may change but that story I get it Uncle Steve, I get it. Neesymalweezergirl and 6 others. Aug 7, 6, 23, 60 dublin ireland. I think that story was so far out there, both in topic and ending and dialogue, too. I had to read it again straight away. NeesymalAchtungBaby and 3 others. Jun 15, 83,57 Cambridge, Ohio. NeesyDoc Creedmal and 3 others. Nov 19, 29,Behind you. NeesyDoc Creedmal and 2 others. Do you think they both knew?


NeesyDoc CreedMachine’s Way and 3 others. Nov 8, 4, 19, Under your bed. Call it suicide, or mutiny NeesyDoc Creedmal and 1 other person. Arkay Lynchpin Preserve wildlife; pickle a squirrel.

Herman Wouk is Still Alive

Dec 4, 1, 8, 51 Melbourne, Australia. I saw the ‘gray’ in Herman Wouk is Still Alive. Jasmines ‘small nod’ as she holds her youngest to her breast, Brenda’s ‘getting with the program’ and taking them out in style Nov 11, 2 9 Littleton, Colorado.

I didn’t see it as a suicide so much as an unconscious relinquishment of life. Neesy and Doc Creed. Mar 26, 7 Apr 11, 41,New Zealand.

Wow I registered on these forums to ask what the purpose of the poets was but it looks like you nailed it. Welcome to the site. NeesyDoc CreedFlakeNoir and woik other person. Jul 13, 2, 39 Baltimore. I get the story, I just hate it. I don’t Hate King for writing it, its done brilliantly. I hate the ladies, I hate the lady that the real life story was based on from the alife and it honestly as a parent makes me sick.

I don’t tsill how f’d up your life is, how much you cant catch a break, how many bad decisions you make, you don’t have the right to kill alivs children. Kill yourself, who cares but to take it upon yourself to take the children with you is unthinkable. Now, I will admit that after having kids my outlook and acceptance of child deaths in literature and movies and stuff for entertainment purposes has changed a bit. And I had to take a moment after reading the part in Revival with his child’s death.

The Truth Inside The Lie: Soon the Days Will Turn Cold: A Review of “Herman Wouk Is Still Alive”

But those are critical parts of the story telling and shape id whole book. This story just took it to the all real level of disgusting selfishness that people who do such things this day and age. Bravo to you Stephen, I think the story is great and a lot can be taken from it, its much deeper than the few pages it is written on. But this is one that I have checked off the list and will not be returning to.


Those children would of been just fine without those fat sloths in their lives. To take them with you because you pity your bad decisions in life is such an act of selfish cowardice that I personally can not even begin to relate to.

Ok done venting, but I do have one last question that really sparked my interest, Why would Stephen dedicate this story to Owen???

I would love to know the reason behind this. Wab Well-Known Member Nov 14, Oct 29, 86 Apr 11, 4, 11, Texas www. From that same interview: In that sense it’s not a very cheerful story. The woman is almost saying “There’s no language that describes how terrible this is It almost negates poetry. From an interview in The Atlantic where the story first appeared: Except I really won, because I got this story that I really like.

The title that he gave me for the story was “Herman Wouk Is Still Alive,” because he’d just a read a piece saying that the guy was still alive and he’s still writing even though he’s 95 or 96 years old. KurbenSpideymanNeesy and 1 other person. Mar 8, 5, 25, NJ. I read this thread’s topic and for a few seconds, I thought “He is? This prompted me to Google Mr. Wouk and he is indeed still alive. He’s years old. KurbenSpideymanNeesy and 2 others. Nov 18, 15, 73, 41 United States.

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