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The recipients of guidance become Surrendered Muslim and they in turn blossom into believers mu’min. Indeed, many people have sought to forget, so to speak, their dependence on Allah. New insights and methods have been introduced into this book as well as previously undiscussed topics. V There are no priests in Islam, only a society of men and women united wmerick the bonds of a potent ideology.

How to Tell Others about Islam : Yahiya Emerick :

Description Have you ever wondered how to share your faith with others? Much to his chagrin, Brother Yahiya found that many traditional Muslims were quite content Yahiya Emerick has been a prolific author and has written many articles that islm been published in local as well as national magazines, both in North America and abroad.

With this understanding in mind, how do we go about our task? For example, how would it be if a person called himself a Muslim but then drank alcohol, used foul language, had an unkempt appearance or seemed to be far too concerned with wealth to be a shining example of goodness and upright conduct?

How to Tell Others about Islam by Yahiya Emerick (2004, Hardcover)

Our job is to call to Islam while avoiding being called away into falsehood. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.


Can you imagine it?

Travel over the earth and see what befell those who rejected their Messengers. Books by Yahiya Emerick.

How To Tell Others About Islam

Nona Mohamed rated it liked it Dec 02, May Allah have mercy on them all! Thus, because Islam makes no arrangements for a religious hierarchy, every Muslim is responsible for working out his or her own salvation through the grace of Allah. And Allah has power over everything. Nov 13, Mohamed Alm el-deen rated it it was amazing. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

It supplies a variety of situations from Sharing Islamic teachings at school, in the military, and even to Muslims who’ve strayed. Necessary Ingredients for Da’wah 4 3.

He neither claimed to be a demigod nor did he put himself among the ranks of the angels.

Kendall Collins marked it as to-read Jul 22, Why don’t othefs practice what you preach? Da’wah to Muslims 30 7.

Don’t they travel through the land so that their hearts may learn the wisdom in all this and that their ears may learn to hear? There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Lastly, we seek the grace and benevolence of Almighty Allah and pray for strength in carrying out His Will. Islam can be defined, then, as the peace that you get when you surrender your will to Allah. Return to Book Page.

Full text of “How To Tell Others About Islam”

They come, rather, as a natural consequence of full adherence to the Yahkya way of life. Such an activity is known as da’wah and is also an important aspect of living the Islamic way of life. Much to his chagrin, Brother Yahiya found that many traditional Muslims were quite content with the old, outdated twll imported from overseas and could not conceive of the need for literature specifically designed for the North American environment.

Granted, the average Muslim conforms generally to many of the more obvious Islamic trappings. What is the evidence that da’wah is really essential to our faith? Recommended Reading otherz a Solid Foundation 1 84 B. This, lest you might claim, ‘We never yahjya any announcer of good news nor any Warner.


For many people it seems like a task of gargantuan proportions, but it really is not. Mohamed Farid rated it really liked it Aug 16, Paperbackpages. For example, see the Qur’an, If there is a translation that is difficult to decipher, find an easier one. Our place of birth has no more to do with whether emerik are a sincere believer than our height or weight.

This declaration of faith, the Shahada, captures the essence of what Islam is all about: Da’wah to Christians 46 9. In our research and experience, we have found that many of the techniques currently employed by concerned Muslims to inform the public about Islam qbout ineffectual at best, and counter-productive at worst. It was never the place of a Messenger to bring a sign save when Allah allowed. Instead, he insisted he was only a man among men chosen by the Creator for His service.

The term, “Da’wah” means to call or to invite. Though not intended to be a technical work on da’wah, it nonetheless is an important commentary from a different prospective. Sami Ismail is currently reading it Jul 19, Da’wah on Campus 86 It otheds or may not prove useful to Muslims.

Karim Mahmoud rated it it was amazing Sep 02, Nazia Alhamdullilah marked it as to-read Aug 27, The root verb from which the name of our faith is derived signifies the concepts of peace and surrender.