Canon ImageCLASS D Manual Online: Fuser Roller. If black streaks appear with printing, the fuser roller in the main unit may be dirty. Should this occur. Canon ImageCLASS D Manual Online: Starting The Remote Ui. Starting the Remote UI To start the Remote UI, follow the procedure described below. Before . Canon ImageCLASS D Manual Online: Fax Settings. Item 1 RX MODE FAX/ TEL 1 RING START TIME 2 F/T RING TIME 3 F/T SWITCH ACTION MANUAL.

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After you finish reading this guide, store it in a safe place for future reference. Contents Overview of Machine Functions After you set up the machine, you can use the functions described in the illustration bellow. For the details of each function, refer to the Basic Operation Guide and e-Manual.

Network Available Features The table below shows the available features on a product basis. The Starter Guide contains the machine setup and software installation. Read this guide before operating this product. The Basic Operation Guide contains the basic operation features. The e-Manual is a web browser-based manual that you can see on your computer.

This guide manuaal total operation features. Install Toner Cartridge This section describes the installation procedure for the toner cartridge. Do not open the drum protective shutter A. Do not pull the seal out at an angle. If your hands or clothes get dirty from touching the toner, wash them immediately in cold water.

Do not use hot water. If you do, the toner may be set permanently. Open the cover and make sure the toner cartridge is properly set in the machine. Install the paper cassette with the front end tilted upwards. If the paper guides do not fit the size of the paper, the printout may be skewed. Make sure the paper stack sits below the small fin A on the side paper guide. To load Legal-size paper, leave the front panel of paper cassette open and adjust the paper guide rail A for 4d80 paper.

If a printout falls out imageclaass the output tray, extend the output tray extension on the front side of the machine and set the paper stopper upright. Do not connect the machine and the computer with a USB cable at this time. Connect the machine and the computer with a USB cable only during the software installation procedure.

A USB cable is not used when the machine is used via a network connection. The machine may enter the Sleep mode while you are performing setup.

Press [Energy Saver] to turn the display back ON and continue the setup. Make sure that the toner cover and scanning platform are closed properly.

Check the installation of the toner cartridge and the placement of the paper. Connect Telephone Cables Connect the supplied telephone cable to the telephone line jack A on the back side of the machine and the wall jack.

If you want to connect your own external telephone or telephone with built-in answering machine, connect it to external device jack B on the back side of the machine. Information About the Keys Use the keys below to enter information in the machine. You can enter the following characters in each input mode: Hold [Clear] to delete the entire entry. For information on how to enter characters, see p. The current date and time settings are used as standard timer settings for functions that require them.


The display turned OFF: When you use only the fax function, select this mode without connecting to the external telephone. Automatically switches between fax and a voice call. The machine receives faxes automatically and rings for voice calls. Rings for every call, whether it is fax or a voice call. For fax, you have to manually activate the machine to receive the fax.

To receive the fax, you can either pick up the receiver and press the [Start] key, or press the [Hook] key followed by the [Start] key. Alternatively, you can use the remote reception function through the external telephone. Select the mode that most suits your needs from the chart below.

You can receive faxes by picking up the external telephone and pressing a two-digit remote reception ID the default setting is Make sure that the auto answering function of the telephone built-in answering or answering machine is activated.

If an external telephone is connected to the machine and receives a fax or voice call, the external telephone rings. You can answer voice calls while the external telephone d40 ringing. DRPD Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection service assigns two or more telephone numbers with distinctive ring patterns to a single telephone line, allowing you to have both a fax number s and a telephone number susing only one telephone line.

Your machine automatically monitors incoming calls and the ring pattern, to let you know if the call is fax or voice call.

Set the ring patterns assigned by your telephone company for a fax or voice call. Contact your telephone company for information on availability. If you use tone dialing, skip the following procedure. If you use pulse dialing, follow the procedure below and change the telephone line type setting on the machine to pulse dialing. If you do not know the type of telephone line you use, contact your local telephone company. An IP Internet Protocol address is an identification number assigned to each individual computer connected to the Internet.

To use the following functions, you must set up the IP address in advance. Access and change the machine settings from browser on the computer by using the Remote UI software. Print the documents from the computer. Fax the document on the computer. Save scanned documents to the computer. The following flow chart indicates the settings needed for each function. Therefore, all you need to do when using DHCP is just to connect the network cable.

Check IP Address Setting To make sure this machine is communicating to the network properly, follow the procedure on p. If not, IP address, subnet mask and gateway address are not displayed. If the machine does not get the IP address in 30 seconds after you connect the LAN cable, turn OFF the main power switch once, and then turn it ON again and wait for another 90 seconds. If the machine still does not get the IP address, ask your network administrator.

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It is recommended that you take a note of the IP address you confirmed here, because you need it for using the Remote UI. Please check the setting of the IP address.

In this setting, you enter the IP address, subnet mask, gateway address manually. USB connection and network connection. Network Connection For details about the set up, see p.

The following functions are available with Network Connection: The following functions are available with USB Connection: Intel Pentium MHz or faster Memory: The workload can be delegated to match the output data, thus realizing a significant increase in speed through optimization.

A user selects [Print] from any Windows application software, selects the Canon fax driver as the printer, and specifies its destination s and options. The FAX Driver would then converts this into an image that conforms to standard fax protocols, to be printed or imagclass on the recipient fax machine s.

20 Most Recent Canon imageCLASS D Black and White Questions & Answers – Fixya

MF Toolbox MF Toolbox is a program that allows you to easily import images scanned with a scanner into an application, attach them to e-mail messages, save them manaul hard disks, etc.

Color Network ScanGear is not supported on all of the 64bit operating systems. PageManager makes it easy to scan, share and organize photos and documents. For details, see the online manual and online help for this program. For details, see the Readme file and online help for this program. Click [Yes] and continue the installation. Make sure that the machine name is highlighted. Imageeclass necessary, you can change the name of shared printer.

If you want to set the operating system on which driver will run, click [Drivers to add] to install an alternate driver so that the driver can be installed on a client PC via a network. If you manjal several computers that you want to connect to the machine through a network, repeat the procedure from step 1 for each computer.

Canon imageCLASS D480 Basic Operation Manual: Starting The Remote Ui

After reading it, close the window. If the mnual of the machine is selected on the [Printer] screen from an application, it is set as the default printer. The [Printers] dialog box.

Verify that the corresponding printer driver icon is displayed. Verify that the printer icon for this machine is displayed. Select [Set as Default Printer] from the [File] menu. If the disk space is insufficient to install the software, an error message imageclaes displayed. Free the disk space, and then try again. Remove the cap A by pulling the string. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation.