Indrajal is one of the most powerful tool in Hinduism for tantra mantra astrology. Indrajal is a book consisting of tantra and mantra to supernatural power. The book is easily found in the local market of Asian countries like. Indrajal mantras of wealth are the best way to be a very useful way that can solve their problems related to the rich wealth is a very important thing in life we.

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Indrajaal is one of a primitive, ancient and rare recognition.

Amazing Power of Indrajal Mantra – National Discovery Channel

It has many branches. This book presents the perplexing subjects in such a systematic way that the general mass can easily understand and follow. The Mantra, Tantra and Yantra, each is a separate part of occult science and has its significance and importance at its own place.

This old science of heritage is being used by the people all over the world and are now being convinced about the efficacy of this science. Indrwjal heritage of India is hidden at many places and is not available at one place. Yantra means an instrument, apparatus, tilism or mystical diagram but definitely not a magic or Jadoo Tona as is commonly believed.


The Yantra be practiced and used for the help, good cause and service of mankind. The Yantras provided in. Yantras be prepared as per directions prescribed for that i.

Other yantras for which no specific directions have been performed during some auspicious periods such as Nav RatrasHoli, Deepawali Day or night, on eclipse day etc. The sadhana for yantra be performed with full faith and rituals and you will succeed. Classics say that mantras are sounds which originated from the five faces of Lord Shiva is different forms. It could be said that shabda, the sound was born before deity and human being. It is said that sound leaves its impact on common human being from heart to soul.


While practicing the mantras, the devotee should follow the rules provided in the classics such as Brahman granthstantraagamsupnishads etc. Vedic mantras are those mantras which are experienced by our sages or rather seen and later passed on to their disciples.

When Mantras are given samput through any of the Bija mantras or created as per the need and already tested are known as Tantric mantras. Any Sadhana requires constant and continuous search and practice. Desires have no limit. We are all forced to take recourse to various short-cut method for the accomplishment of desires.

Mediation, Mantras and Tantras being few methods among them. There is no doubt that the real path of mediation takes us to wealth and comfort initially and salvation being the final stage. When one mediates with sincerity and by observing the correct technique as imparted by our ancients, his mantas become favourable, wealth flows in, he enjoys the worldly comforts, and then the real stage of salvation comes. I request the practitioners to practice those mantras which are meant for attaining peace.

If God is kind enough to give peace, we have achieved everything we want. Yagas for Graha Shanti. Yagas for Important Life Transitions.

Amazing Power of Indrajal Mantra

Some Other Types of Yagyas. Different Homas and Their Purpose. Vrat in the Puranas. Manyras of Powerful Mantras. Prayers of Different Deities. Mantras for Sun Ravi. Mantras for Moon Chandra. Mantras for Birth of a Son Mars. For Winning Law Suits.

Kuber Mantra for Wealth. Tantra-A Boon or a Curse. Qualifications of a Disciple. Buddhist Tantra Derived from Hindu Tantra. Qualification of a Disciple. Aspects of a Awakening.

Das Mahavidya in Tantra. Useful Plants in Indian Tantra. Some Rare Tantric Articles. Sadhna of Rare Tantric Articles. Tantra Sadhana and Siddhi. System with Eleven Chakras.


Brihad Indrajaal (Mantra Tantra & Yantra)

Sidh Shakti Peethas for Tantra Sadhna. The Magic Path of Tantra. Muhurata for Writing Indrajap. Lagna for Writing Yantras. General Procedure Regarding all the Yantras. Yantra for Victory Over Enemy. Yantra for Good Married Life. Shri Mahalakshmi Beesa Yantra. Yantra for Geeting Relief From Debts. For Success in Examination. Yantra for Proper Functioning of Body.

Yantra for Increase in Income. Yantra for Garbh Stambhan. Yantra for Obtaining Knowledge. Yantra for Speech Power. Pisach ill spirits Peeda Haran Yantra. Yantra for Different Purpose.

Yantra for Construction of House. Yantra indraial Rescue from Enemy. Yantra for Fascinating People. Yantra for Return of Relations from Foreign Country. Yantra for Gaining Respect. Yantra for Getting Children. Yantra for Enemy Vashikaran. Yantra for Removing Poverty. Yantra for All Round Prosperity. Yantra for Success in Trades. Yantra for Winning Over Enemies. Yantra for Releasing From Prison. Yantra for Getting Self Protection. Yantra for Getting Fame. Yantra for Geeting Poetry Imagination.

Yantra for Curing from Poison. Yantra for Fulfillment of All Desires. Yantra for Good Bridegroom. Yantra for Gaining Physical Strength. Beesa Mantgas for Promotion. Beesa Yantra for Comfortable Life. Shri Durga Navaran Beesa Yantra. Yantra for Healthy Eyes. Yantra for Enhancement of Indraja. Yantra for Construction of Temple. Yantra for Recovering Cancer.

Y an tra for Writing Court Case. Kalyankari Sidh Beesa Yantra. Bandhan Mukti Beesa Yantra. Shree Maha1akshmi Beesa Yantra. To find Thied for Stolen Articles and other Questions.

To Get Reply of your Question. Cure From GhostsSouls etc.